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Famed inventor, entrepreneur, author, and futurist Ray Kurzweil announced this afternoon that he has been hired by Google.
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Oh boy. Google has finally just put themselves on the singularity train. 
Amazing news. I'm really excited to see someone as aggressive as Kurzweil in his predictions of the future working at a place like Google. However, as a translator I'm worried when Google starts stepping up its machine learning and language processing technologies... >.<
Bet it's already happened and they're hiring Kurzweil as its nanny.
What do Google make, exactly?  It's just a website.  Big deal.
The age of spiritual machines. Google probably represents his best chance of realizing his predictions.
LOL, +Tyger Doyle, I guess you just woke up from a decade long hibernation? And haven't actually read the article? Or you might know that Google builds self-driving cars, is a pioneer in automatic translation, has a project to digitize every book on the planet, etc etc etc, in short all sorts of stuff that Kurzweil is interested in and might help them with
Google is on it's way to becoming Skynet! 
+Steven Jandreau I've been reading How to Create a Mind, and I'd say I have to agree that he's probably very wrong about how the human brain processes higher level thinking, but I do think his pattern recognition theory of mind will be a very effective method for synthesizing intelligence.

I expect Google's intention is for him to refocus a large portion of their engineers to working on "creating a mind". Regardless of whether they produce something truly sentient, I'm sure that their efforts will result in a pattern recognition engine that will make Google Now and Siri look like Furby.
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