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With Apple, what a difference a week makes -
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well I know why we are getting troll articles from TechCrunch now. . . 
DIE communist, APPLE DOGS!  I will not sheep to your devious wallet draining ways~!
"Apple generated as much profit in two weeks as Google did in their entire last quarter."

That is astonishing!
Want to see Google make money? They should charge for the 10gs of free space on g mail, Google maps, Google drive, 20k songs over the air, but since they aren't apple everything is free. Straight to the point. All those apple lovers uses most of Google services. +Pui lam henry 
irish d
At least someone's happy they're overcharged for less value. 
Aaron L
As a Chinese, i really don't like Apple. It forces many Chinese kids to sell their kidneys to buy an iPhone!
+Aaron Trust can't blame a company for the evils of the world. it's as if i said "as an italian, i hate ferrari cause a lot of people go corrupt in order to buy one" it makes no sense. if an iphone (or any object whatsoever) is the only thing important in life, we really have no future do we?
technology modern is really important,but sometimes really make a lot rubbish and radiant to our life.
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