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Luckily they don't own every court in the world. Bastards
They should sue their lawyers, somebody should be sued. Law of conservation of sue.
L am
They will later agreed with good pocketable cash.
Good Apple needs a slap in the face. I am tired of them suing everyone. 
A Munoz
Apple worried nooooo they still have all those loop holes and avoid paying local taxes but we as consumer's continue pay full tax even the phone is on sale for $100.00 We still pay tax on the full value of the phone of $700.00 thanks uncle sam.!!!
They clearly didn't pay that court enough

IGB (gradiente) is a almost broken company.
Money will solve this issue.
Am I reading this correctly? According to this story, IGB Electronics has had the iPhone trademark in Brazil since 2000? If that is correct, someone had some foresight.
According to the comments/video released by the company they launched an internet phone--iphone--in 2000 and applied for the trademark. In 2008 they were granted the trademark and in 2012 they launched an Android phone under the iphone trademark.
Then also apple sucks its wast of money to purchase apple products
Why is it the trend now that we only have few genius ppl who do the job and millions of lawyers who are milking the out come! 
What Lam said - I'd bet they'll sell the trademark for an absolutely grotesquely huge pile o' cash, which will leave an invisible-to-the-naked-eye dent in Apple's cash pile.  A rounding error for Apple, monster payday for IGB.
Yikes hope it won't affect them a great deal in their market...
Apple Why focus on innovation when you can sue for revenue?
The only thing Brazil can create is hot chicks in bikini.
Good for Brazil! I'll move there now haha
Don't cell out to apple! Sent via my Galaxy s2. 
At least our bikini girls don't need to leave at Ethiopia ...

Ethiopia is an "authoritarian regime", ranking 118th out of 167 countries (with the larger number being less democratic. (wikipedia)

Marriage by abduction,  69% of the nation's marriages, with around 80% in the largest region, Oromiya, and as high as 92% in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region (wikipedia) will buy this company. Problem solved.
Apple makes good stuff but seriously the need to get their head out of u know what so they can get back in the game 
Oh no.... thank God I have the S3... truly the iPhone killer
Good thing I don't have anything to do with Brazil. I might have cared. 
And who cares about these S3 fanboys?! My iPhone and iPad do everything I want them too, in fact, there is always something cool about having the original and watching the rest try to copy their way into the game. 
+Kristopher Hackney  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL copy? oh man...a good Wednesday morning laugh indeed. Somebody needs to do a little more research before opening their mouth.
In my country (Peru) there is an institute called iPad since 1990 (at least). I wonder if Apple will sue them?  
Ahuehuehuehuehue! You lose, apple!
Meh. Boring. Tech crunch I gave you a few opportunities to come up with good articles but they still suck. Getting blocked. 
IGB will cave once the right of amount of money is put up. Maybe they're trying to see how much they can get.
They already lost it in Mexico Ariba!!
Do your worst Chinese counterfeit product manufactures :P
Interesting. Was it trade marked a long time ago or is this an opportunist entrepreneur?
Lol... A taste of their own medicine 
Lol looks like Apple just got "appled" 
Just for a little perspective Samsung has sued LG, Motorola, has been sued by LG, Panasonic, not to mention various threats of lawsuits with other appliance makers.

Samsung makes all matter of home appliances, in Korea they have their own credit card and stores and media outlets has been involved with various legal tussles with the South Korea government including bribing officials.

China Watch rates the factories that make Samsung products worse then Foxconn. China Watch says more reform is needed in the Apple factories but the media spotlight has helped, a spotlight that has yet to be turned towards Samsung.

I like Samsung, especially their washer and dryers since I own those. I think they make Apple and the rest stay on the ball or realize they have lost a step.

Apple is not perfect neither is Samsung. 
Bad news for Brazil they ve just lost to England 2-1 to the 3lions huh! huh! 
They are probably just going to buy them out if it comes to that. They can buy brazil if they want lol.
Apple needs to go down, Godzilla style, stomp stomp stomp ;-&
Damn it +Brent Anthony , never a moment's peace. They'll be wanting me for infringing on their breathing trade mart.
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