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Oh, boy ... this is gonna break the service, again.
I mean, some people have so many tweets that their download file might easily exceed 100MB.
+Stephen Harris to collate and compile for printing- I know that there have been a few books that were little more than bound twitter feeds while under hurting (at least one) company that made it's living off the Twitter verse: Twournal
I would, because I am a packrat and like to archive stuff like that. The problem with the packrat is that though they hoard things they may never use them again.
You know the first company to allow you to import your tweets from Twitter? It's probably Google. 
For me, it kind of defeats pt of twitter. It's for quick messaging and forgettable thoughts most of the time. Since it is so real-time, I think people really don't expect to recall too much. People probably don't want to see some of their tweets even from yesterday, let alone years ago. 
Why not might as well I mean one day I might have trouble sleeping :-P 
+Hubert Bennett I tend to tweet work related items, and occasionally go back to the links to reread or refer to them later. But Ii doubt I will download them anytime soon.
will love to see something similar, but for start tweets. That way I Don't have to use the API to do it
There are already services that can download all your tweets. 
Good question, I would think not deleted ones.
Better stored on the cloud then my hard drive. 
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