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Working for me here in the UK. Has been all day.
Please Google ... don't abandon this service !
I believe I had one feed marked as unread yesterday but I thought it might be a feed issue. Other feeds seems to not be affected.
Yep, behaviour is VERY erratic today. Random number of unread items suddenly pop up, and disappear later. I've been able to read my stuff with a few refresh though.
I'd like to see an integration of +Google Reader into +Google+. You can have the option to make your news sources public so you can read the news from the sources that influential people or people you follow read. Also, it can be easy to share especially noteworthy articles or posts. I get a lot of my news from +Google+ anyways, might as well integrate +Google Reader into that ecosystem.
I had a bunch of stuff from last week suddenly appear as unread.
Working fine. Backing up my feeds just in case!
Mine has been working fine...
And now I have 62 randomly unread.
Cesar M
my reader is working, but with some problems
I have been using it through most of the morning and have not noticed any issues. I sure hope google doesn't abandon the reader, I use it daily!
Ehr… everything's working just fine?
Working great here. Just went through 3200 articles (oh my head). No problems.
Reader is working fine for me. Most of the time, I just press on the Mark all as read button  (:
Works perfectly fine for me and has been doing so all weekend
I usually use Google Reader to keep track of my YouTube subscribers....
I've had zero problems all weekend, it's works great.
Working fine for me.  All weekend long - no problem - and still fine this Monday.
works fine for me, did microsoft pay you guys to put this up?
Never stopped working. Yet another TC fud against google...
doing strange things with read/unread counters since 4 hours
TC don't want you to use Reader, they just want you to go their site. Sarah perez, worst ultra biased blogger ever.
What's that? Why we need it?
Mine on my Galaxy Nexus has been showing me items I have read as being unread and then not again.
Abe C
still works for me... 
Working nastily on the computer, fine on nexus
unread/read counts kept changing after a submit. I would have 200 unread then 121 then 200 etc.
Its all that new AI functionality. It keep repeating me the news because i surely didnt read them all, or with enough attention, or without praising enough our new overlords. When i get trained enough will not complain anymore.
Not working for me. Greader is my most used app. :-(
It has been acting very strange for me this morning.
Works fine and I had unread articles marked that were read. I didn't go and have a hissy fit like TechCrunch did though.
Uh.. it's working fine.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.  Ignore the troll.
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