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LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner pulls an Oprah and gives every employee, all 3,500 employees, an iPad mini -
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And yet Oprah still gets her picture posted. Good job, TechCrunch.
If he really loved his employees, he'd have given them each a Nexus 7.
That's nice, Everyone I know on linkedin also got the top award for most hits or whatevers too.
Pfft... All Microsoft full-time employees got a Surface and a Windows Phone.
Wow I would think they could have invested that money and time in making the site actually useful.
Nice! That would be a pleasant surprise when clocking in. "Good morning! Here's an iPad."
Suddenly ebay is inundated with ipad minis
That would be the point at which I handed in my resignation.
got to get rid of overstock some how so why not with a 2x tax write off...;)
lol , look at those fan droid , they are pathetic 
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