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Google Maps is humiliating Apple, but there's a silver lining. People are finally upgrading to iOS 6
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That's hilarious. The power of Google, one app from Google makes you want to upgrade your iDevice.
my dad uses maps all the time and held off on upgrading to iOS6. now he probably will finally pull the trigger. 
Ahhhh yes! Can't wait! I think that's what I'll do tonight :)
+Vinoth Ragunathan I would say that one app from Google would want to make you NOT upgrade your iDevice... because that was the only thing that kept me from iOS 6.
google is better no doubt that they would humilitate then YOU'RE POSTING THIS ON GOOGLE +
Y'all posting this via Google+, meaning Google is for everyone, makes people life easier, makes the world we're live in better place... so please discourage any company bullying others over "round corner" patent... can we all get along in "innovation"? cuz KARMA does exist
Apple thinks they can do what they want because their fanboys will obey.
Good to see them get shot down.
Now Apple needs to make an IPhone Pro running Android. 
+Vinoth Ragunathan And all that data will be very useful for the users once they eventually upgrade to Android and start using Google Now. Its pretty much win/win for everybody.
hilarious that it might sound, few of my colleagues did this too.
Lol, Apple should make the Iphone 6 running Android
...then there'll be no jail to break.
+Aisha Yu  ... are you sure? Rooting the Android is very similar to iOS's jailbreaking. Just don't tell me your Android is not rooted - might as well use Bada or BB then.
I am a proud user of a rooted EVO4G LTE! 
Hahaha omg. Only you guys could turn it like that.
My wife refused to upgrade because of Maps. Now she can!
Google wasn't getting those folks from Apple to Android, any way. At least Google will save someone from dying in the outback.

On the other side, google was now forced to build navigation on the app, just as they had in android for years... But they refused to deliver for iPhone until iOS 6 
Apple finally admits defeat. :]
Not until a jailbreak comes out for the 4S. I'm still on 5.0.1 :(
Bah, it sucks on my iphone 4S. The compass is all messed up compared to Apple Maps.
Fuck apple nothing good to use just probaganda
wht feature on ios6 ?
just need to respring, m i right ?
iOS is been the same for a very long time, with android every Update there is a new feature. 
whereas droid things keep update, seem d application also least crash than IOS apps.
I don't understand all the complaints with the Apple maps because it was better than the old Google maps unless you lived in some small international town. The Siri turn by turn directions are awesome, I just moved to Seattle and use Apple Maps almost everyday works perfectly. I did download the new Google Maps yesterday and do like some if it's features but all this outcry for Apple Maps is just funny to me.
+Russell Kendall it sounds like Apple Maps is working for you and that's terrific. But a lot of people are having massive problems with it -- and not just in small international towns. When a mapping product can't accomplish its core function of mapping (which for a lot of people is the case), that's a big problem.

The good news here is that if Apple Maps is working for you, great. But if not, now there's a good alternative. 
needs a dislike button
+Russell Kendall A large number of people live in small international towns. Or, perhaps, like to go there sometimes. Even in large International cities the information was, and still is, wrong.

My iPhone home screen is now more Google software than Apple. I just I could make them my defaults for web, email etc. Maybe I do need to go Android! :)
Another "several close friends" data point used as the premise of an article. Actual iOS adoption data since Google maps would make a compelling case. As it is, I could get as much from this piece by flapping my index finger against my lips while humming. 
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