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Microsoft finally talks Surface Pro pricing: 64GB for $899, 128GB for $999. Which one do you think you'll get? -
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Neither.  That's awfully expensive for not much.
Boom, holy shit that price range. What the fuck.

All I want is a tablet I can install anything on, hot damn.
None of them! Too expensive for something that will not work most of the time! 
same price as an iPad with 64GB storage
128, $999 is not bad for this device. Want to see one though, if the venting and weight is done right it could get interesting. But honestly the rt might be my road warrior.
From other posts most people will scream over priced and compare it to the iPad and Nexus 10. I don't think it is fair to compare it to those devices. This device is far more powerful than the aforementioned  It is also a different beast meant for different needs. It's a power users tablet, not a tablet for youtube and angry birds. 
my 17" dell laptop was cheaper than that with DVD drive and larger hard drive. so besides weight and longer battery what am I gaining for $999 by going with this?
Microsoft... the New Apple....
Jeez... over priced much? Who do you think you are? Apple?
This Time MS Really Copied APPLE :)
Why so cheap? Do they have all parts inside? Go go Microsoft, build stronger iOS and Android communiteies. :)
I think surface is a different kind of product, it is not a tablet or a game pad. It is like a product that Microsoft made to release some people who are struggling in looking for something to substitute a laptop.
Just when I thought apple products were overpriced, Microsoft rides in on a white pony, guns a blazing, to prove me wrong!
+Pete Bingel It'll be interesting to see the real world battery results on this thing. The x86 chips are getting better in terms of battery life but I doubt you'll get the kind of results that the ARM chips are getting in the iOS and Android tablets. The cost is still going to be an issue but, then again, who knows what the OEMs will produce in terms of x86 based Win8 tablets...
Now Apple&MS Can Be Considered As Brothers :)
+Pete Bingel bingo buddy. This is basically a super portable laptop in a tablet form factor. It's got an i5 processor for heavens sake. 
+Pete Bingel but it does not do everything correctly? I have tried to get something to work on three different Surfaces and they won't do what I wanted it to do, even though I knew how to activate it. No thanks, not going to spend that much money on something that is supposedly to be powerful, but not going to perform what I want it to do, all the time. 
Heavy, thick, no LTE, poor video card, noisy vent, overheating and priced 400$ above similar specs laptops... Only fools will buy it...
Don't know much about them other than they make a clicking noise when you attach the keyboard, you can dance about wildly with them, and with enough people holding enough screens together, you can make a friend look like a robot. Sticking with my Ipad
I have the Surface RT and I like it, but there is no way in HELL I'd pay the price of the Surface pro! they must be crazy!
+Kenny Gee Though it's trendy to hate Apple right now, you can't deny that their hardware is very very well built. we really don't know anything about the longevity of the Surface tablets and we've never seen an x86 Surface in the wild. Interesting times...
is MC really following Samsung ? because some people think both of them copy Apple at this time ? I am sure it could be better than Apple...
I think for that price I can find a better hybrid windows 8 device! 
+John Gurga If you have a Surface RT you have Windows RT. Windows RT is not Windows 8 Pro. Again bad marketing by MS that the distinction was not made clear. RT is a competitor to iOS and Android and shares many of the limitations of those mobile OS's
Everyone comparing it to the iPad - think what apple would charge for a MBP in an iPad body, because that's more like what it is. I'd wager it'd be more than $999
+Jose Bernardo Bandos Rodrigues  If you are comparing this to the Nexus 10 you are doing it wrong. Its not even in the same category. That's like comparing the price of a Ford Fiesta to an F-350. 
> Which one do you think you'll get?
An iPad. At $500 it's much more useful than this Windblows-infected thingy.
+Rei Ayanami That completely depends on your needs. If you wanna play angry birds and that is the extent of your needs then use the iPad. If you use a computer for writing software or manipulating large volumes of data an iPad is not going to cut it. 
The pricing isn't that bad I might get both
+Pete Bingel Exactly, and the Nexus 10 is the F-350 with a Fiesta price, while the surface, with the garish, flat tiles, is a "chav enhanced" Fiesta at F-350 price. 
How much space is left on a 64GB drive after Win 8 & Office?
Trying to decide between this and the Lenovo Yoga. They are pretty similar in specs and pricing, but the yoga has a real (and non-removable) laptop keyboard.
At everybody comparing this to an iPad or Nexus 10, you have to realize this is a full Windows operating system, with 4 GB of memory and an i5 processor. Think of it more like a laptop in tablet-form.
I see this being more for buisnesses needing mobile solutions rather than personal use... Solution: Get a 'droid tablet, root it, install Ubuntu  or OpenSUSE
+Jose Bernardo Bandos Rodrigues I see what you did there. ;)  As much as I love Android, functionally its quite lacking for my needs. I am a power user and need a full OS, so I can do things like develop Android Apps (try doing that on your Nexus 10).
+Eric Tsang The yoga has major problems with the touch screen losing it's functionality, I've returned one already and am considering returning my second one because of this. Also, about 30 gig is partitioned off for no particular reason.
+Silviu-Mădălin Lorenţ I think we probably CAN say that. And it's really too bad. It looked like very interesting tech and, though I'm not a Microsoft guy I was pulling for it. Oh well.
The problem is that some people don't realize that most people don't need a touch screen PC, and I have yet to find software that I need when I'm not sitting behind my laptop at work.  I'll spend $399 (or less) on a notebook with a larger hard drive, as much RAM (or more, or just buy some extra RAM since it's cheap), and a faster (or at least equivalent) processor any day.  Then I'll spend a bit more on an Android tablet that doesn't use half the memory for the OS and programs, and I'll still have spent less than buying the Surface Pro, I'll have a laptop with a proper keyboard that allows me to do real work, and I'll have a portable tablet that does everything I need to do when I'm not in front of my laptop.  And thanks to Google and the Android ecosystem, my tablet will sync whatever data I need to access between the two.
This looks like the perfect machine for non-verbal people to use for communicating with programs like 1-2-3speak for the pc.  And the price is not that outrageous, touch screen and audio should be fine.
I'll get the iPad version. The one made by Apple.
I really like the Window's 8 Operating system. It comes with so many options for music and media, the app section syncs really well with all  my emails, and is just a beautiful interface. 
My excitement has waned. I like Windows 8 on my laptop, but don't see anything compelling enough (for me) to switch from Android on the mobile gadget front.

Plus, you're not really going to get anywhere near 64/128gb for your own stuff. 
No, it's a Windows computer.  This is the version that will run regular Win software.

Very confusing for consumers, of course.  Many will think this is an overpriced tablet or (worse) that the other version will run Windows software.
Love it, the keyboard looks kinda weird though!
A tablet that could run finale, pro tools, quicken... For the same price as a 64gb ipad? Umm, that sounds pretty good to me. The holy grail of tablets has been the device that can run desktop software. If this machine can run smoothly, it will be killer.
Price too high for product that just entered the market. Thou it gets the huge advantage of supporting PC software. Battery life is in question, thou. Ubuntu 13.04 will be adapted for tablets, so imagine running the same software via WINE on Nexus 10 which costs around 300$
Looks gorgeous easy to carry around, and easy to move around. No more briefcase nor big bags and little wheels. Yey tech!
apple still, or android would do....
I'll wait until it's half that price.
Is that an excellent keyboard for a thousand dollar notebook?
Overpriced... so... a Macbook Air is overpriced too, correct?
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