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"Oh shit, the internet is really mad. Everyone back away. Back away...damn, too late."
There is no case against Jon Corzine to dismiss.
Ah..  I had no idea there was a court case.
The too late to save a life award has been given out early this year.
The problem is that there is no reason to think they would have dropped the case if he had not passed away.   Clearly he was driven to this and now someone just moves on to the next case. 
He killed himself. That's why I don't feel sorry for him. 
Also, this is not terribly surprising. Pursuing a criminal case against a dead defendant isn't a thing. This is sadly just a matter of course for the DA.
Right? I'm a terrible person +marcin kolonko . Please inform me on how you've cared and tried to help. In my opinion, if you waste the live you were given, maybe you didn't deserve it in the first place. Especially considering many people who would like to live are taken every day.
Oh, how touching <eyeroll> Like they could have done anything with a  dead defendant.
Typically cases are dismissed if the defendant dies. Happened to Ken Lay too. They shouldn't act like they are doing something special.
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