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Technology is increasingly becoming a part of the classroom experience, particularly thanks to smart devices. 

iSchool Campus wants to bring the next-gen wired classroom to K12 education -
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I knew this was an inevitable outcome of the mix of technology and education. Let's ask an Educator, +Farron George what do you think?
I think it's awesome if the world become a paperless planet.
Because of electronic devices like the iPad and android tablets.. we no longer need to cut trees to create paper.
At this stage, learning and using technology in the classroom should be akin to learning how to read. Make sure they are also taught some programing languages :) 
Save those schools some cash and buy Nexus 7s...
Im agree with save paper, the planet is our responsabilty to take care of it. And the tecnology its one of the things we can use for that purpose. 
production of tablets isn't necessarily more environmentally friendly as production of paper. As in case of rare-earth metals that can not be recycled ... paper can be.  
But there isn't a rain forest of tablets down in South America that is actually home to many natives as well as animals and insects...
Sean M
I'd fail out so quick if schools tried to force Apple products on me. 
+Keegan Martin  ... that is true there isn't a rain forest of tablets ... tho might be nice. However artificial forest can be grown and regrown in controlled manner ... it is of course unfortunate that some companies decide to just cut down natural tree reserves such as you have mentioned. 
Technology in the classroom will expand the knowledge of students and overall efficiency. However there are some drawbacks such as the decrease in quality and art of writing, increased cheating, and increased carpal tunnel syndrome. 
I do agree, but. At the level we are producing these toxin filled smartphones there's no doubt that the process its self is just as harmful as cutting down trees. What good are the trees if they can't breath from the pollution. Has anybody thought of where these things are going to end up once we are finished with them? This change to electronic devices from paper is no different than the change from stone to paper. It could be a step in the right direction. It will be many years before the manufacturing and disposal processes use green methods, but once that becomes an issue,(remembering that, mobile industry is geared towards the technology aspect) it will become a competition of who can be the most green. (or am I just dreaming here)
I'm not trying to start a debate, I just like tablets ^_^
I think the author hit the key issue. "many schools still lack the infrastructure that would enable their various digital tools to work together."

Having staff members with the knowledge and time to integrate these new technologies is a major hurdle. Just having WiFi is a gift.

But in the age of test prep/focused instruction. Many great ideas and tools get pushed aside because they do not show any meaningful impact on student growth. Once these technologies begin to impact the bottom line, we may see a more dramatic shift towards meaningful technology imop. 
+Keegan Martin oh I love tablets too .... +Adam MacRae the most green thing is a nice thought. The only worry is green becoming the most green-washing thing, with customers ponying up more money for something that just should be the case. At the end of the day it is about the moral fiber of the company owners.   
Korey C
I think this is the start of a bright "green" future. Plus, I find that it will keep kids more into the material they are learning if it is more hands on.
I wonder how much apple pays schools for this.
Korey C
+Phil Nolan I wouldn't imagine apple paying the schools, but it is a definite advancement for them
Sean M
+Phil Nolan, Apple is deeply invested in getting students using their products early to get their hooks in... Hence the "great" rates they give schools (and all the litigation as of late). 

EDIT: But, they are hardly the only company that is into offering discounts to students/schools to get young people using their products (Adobe, Microsoft, Wolfram, etc).
As an educator, i think it is about time to fuse technological focused pedagogy into the classroom as a means to pique interest in kids inducing self-directed learning. Thereby increasing taught efficacy.

Since information becomes easily accessible and can also increase interactivity. The danger is when educators limit their utility to 'quick find the answer in wikipedia' kind of situations, wherein haphazard implementation may be counterproductive. 
But only in richer countries! 
J Tang
outsourcing public school district's own IT department to for-profit, private this really the way to go in US public education? 
+Joe Matthews I hope to be powering the world one day with hemp. It's possible, and a good idea. But this thread is about technology in the classroom.
Good more radiation to the people, even more cancer, were notebook and pencil
By default these kids are joining so call "Head-Down" society group.
new generation is beginning... lol, someday this world is gonna be a wholesome trash. no talents, no skills, lazy, and let technology work for me. 
yaaa i agree with Vhenz coz technology is killing people's ability to work and installing laziness instead
Within 20 years people who know how to write&draw with a pencil in a paper will be very valuable (and rare). 
Something similar happens right now with simple maths. Everybody needs a calculator... 
This is sad :-(
While I can see the benefits of this, I would like to see some responsibility from parents AND teachers (and policy makers). That responsibility is to make sure that IF kids are going to use technology from such a young and impressionable age they MUST ensure they are not being brainwashed into using brand specific devices.

Allowing any king of brand loyalty in schools is a BAD idea, just ask any kid who has been subjected to bullying because their clothes weren't designer label or their shoes weren't a specific brand!

A ONE FOR ALL device that has NO brand markings, an education specific OS, and NO potential for tailoring the decisions these kids will make in later life would suffice.
Thanks to everyone for all of your choice
I wana take nexus 7 but, it's not yet released in indonesia :(
It has to be the children today are the generation that will develop the next level of technology, as a governor at a local school I am pushing to have several different types of technology in the school from visual aids to software and development to help to test the children's ability, coding at an early age should help to foster many other areas in the developing brain
My 4 year old can use a smart phone better then most of the people i i can see how it would be good for kid in school
These kids, and eventually all kids may end up working in tech companies developing new generation technology. In the future, they should consider creating robots that will do menial and odd jobs because nobody would want to do it by then.
As a member of the BOE in my town this is where I would love to see education go!
yes, apple was just a fruit in the old days, There are apples and apples. :)
apples, for rich people I think..,apples, healthy fruit.
....Gadgets make it harder to sleep. Also will make you addicted. So much capabilities, so much hindrance studying.. :((.. books are still better..
contrast, one has its upside and the other its downside.The fruit is my priority and the gadget my option, the other one makes life easy and the other makes your life long. :)))
many children in my country write to Santa for Ipad . :))
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