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US of A is the only country to use a nuke in war. So stop the scare mongering in the Western or so-called broke 1st WORLD country press. 
Yay for bringing back cold war propaganda! but replacing Russia with north korea...
Ya I feel safer knowing the thugs in NK have the most powerful weapons known to man. Lets all stick our heads up our ass.
They've only tested 6-7 kilotons...What we dropped on Japan was 20 not including the other city. Even if they did launch something we have the arsenal to stop it mid flight. We aren't the most militarily technologically advanced country in the world for no reason...
I don't want to live on this planet anymore 
I assume the breaking news here is Google Maps now allows you overlay shaded circles.
they just want the attention. Logically it hurts both sides (everyone actually)  
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