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BlackBerry Z10 and iPhone 5 go head-to-head
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It is not so much the phone, but what you can do with your phone. The iPhone has endless possibilities. With BlackBerry you just have something new with a lot of limitations. 
Could we get a separate shaky-cam for the dude's hands? ;-)
That has rounded corners too.
I like it a lot, I wouldn't mind owning a z10
The guy holding the phone made it impossible for me to concentrate on his review.. I guess he smokes/coffee too much... is this review about a phone or shaky hands?
Two of the gayest companies on Earth go head to head!
Do a comparison with the nexus 4.
Hah  BlackBerry was never here.  I can't believe people fell for BB and RIM.  
my dream, iphone,,,
i Like Iphone,..
Iphone sucks too many limitations amd he def smokes or is clearly nervous lol
eeeng iiiing eeeeng... The Rival's Coming...
Can be a challenge to Apple or death to RIM. Wait and watch..
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