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Dear Apple, here are 5 things you can learn from Windows 8.

Did we miss any?
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Those are all the things i don't like about windows 8
Win-8 on a desktop/laptop works perfectly fine without touch. You have a more powerful win-7 desktop experience (and can do everything in win-8 that you could in win-7, with running traditional programs).  The only user difference (Besides increased speed, fluidity, and security) is the replacing of a start button with a more powerful start screen (with a more powerful search for launching programs, files & system utilities) which can also run metro apps.

For that rare instance you cant remember the name of a program, you still have an "all apps" that is easier to search for the program, than scrolling through start-button menus.

Imo, (and all the non-techie people I set up win-8 for, and they learned the o/s in less than 5 minutes).  Its simply a better win-7 experience on the traditional desk/lap top. 

Most of the complaints on the internet are FUD created by people that have never used windows 8, and fear change.

Sure, could there be improvements, yes.  As with any O/s, but that doesn't negate the fact that this is a solid, desktop experience with increased speed & functionality & security.
how about windows8 sell more than three tablets before we start caring ?

live tiles suck !
"integrated social blah" sucks!
hide the filesystem/browser ? wtf ? hell no !
touch screen laptop ? stupid !

microsoft, get back to making anything suck less. you don't innovate.
Apple does not agree with learning. Anyone who "learns" from Apple gets sued. 
While Apple try to learn..
Android waiting what Apple learned.
... and apple will be sued 8 times :)
Steven Streight - these may be valid points, however, most people complaining about Windows 8 are referring to the desktop or laptop experience.
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