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Tale of the Tape: Chromebook Pixel vs. Surface Pro vs. MacBook Air -
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Is any of these computers game-able for example Battlefield 3 or do they have any more suitable computers for that within their ranks?
Your closing line "why people should spend $1299 on a computer that hinges on the cloud instead of, you know, anything else." 

Could continue "like their Google Glass."
I love me some Google, but the Pixel is silly. It's a hard sell.
No one cares about super-duper screen resolution when you're essentially doing everything inside a web browser.
Yah not sure the Chromebook need for that resolution but I do think it's a huge marketing play. The best screen in the business is on Ap... Erh Chromebooks.. And it shows chromebooks are the future to Google and their not going to fade like netbooks, their going to evolve. Hopefully bringing the web along with it. 
Well, I do know that there are companies such as CDW trying to make a legit enterprise solution out of the Chrombook, so perhaps this may be a solution to your employees not walking around with Fisher Price laptops?
..hands down the worst google product ever. Looks like a lamborghini with civic engine. What are we supposed to do on ChromeOS with that monitor beside watching 72dpi jpegs? oh yes...draining batteries!
At these prices get a MacBook and download Chrome.
+Kristinn Ingi Þórarinsson No, none of these will be suitable for heavy gaming on games like Battlefield 3, since they don't have a dedicated graphics card.
Your best bet is something like a high end Dell Inspiring at the least, or a dedicated gaming laptop such as an Alienware or an Origin PC.
Beware, though, as gaming power comes at a high price, and at the expense of mobility. You're best off getting a gaming desktop and playing your games on that, as it is far more cost effective. It all depends on how much money you're willing to throw at it, as my £1700 Alienware m15x (discontinued) has lasted me 3 years without issue, and I plan for it to last me until mid 2015 until I replace it.
and the next contender is.... ( drum roll )
It's good to have a Chomebook that is not "just cheap". It's fast, easy-to-use, and most important, zero-maintenance.
Maybe this is Google's answer to the people who just need to browse the web... but end up paying Apple $1,300 because they think they need an expensive laptop.
+Tobias Walther but less practical.  Web pages are all made to scroll up and down.  I have no idea why all companies are pushing this 16:9 ratio rather than the 16:10.
+Inspired ideas buy why sell it for $1300? This should be $500 at the max but then your in tablet territory. if you just want to surf the web by a nexus 7 or something cheaper
Macbook is too expensive just like Chrome Book. But their is OS is more capable. I would rather go for ASUS transformer pads.
Seems way over spec'd. Why do you need an i5 to run what is basically just a web browser posing as an OS?
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