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Facebook mobile user counts revealed: 192M Android, 147M iPhone, 48M iPad, 56M Messenger -
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Just deleted my account today! Yipee!
Since Android counts do not distinguish between types of device the OS is on, you should consider grouping all iOS, That would make it about about a tie between Android and iOS devices of all types of which more devices fall under Android OS from phones, tablets, cameras, tvs, set top boxes and more.
Yet another useless set of statistics. I actively use Facebook on iMac (Safari), iPad, iPhone and less frequently on my work laptop (IE). I also use Facebook Messenger App on both iPad and iPhone. Although I am probably near one extreme I would suggest that the majority fit a profile that uses more than 1 means of access. That is the modern world but, it also makes a mockery of any attempt to produce meaningful statistics.
Is Facebook still around? I switched to the New MySpace for my daily doss of social media noise and senseless drivel
So that's 195M iOS versus 192M Android if we are to compare operating systems.
Facebook's app is so poorly designed, but it hardly matters due to user inertia. 
That's why the Windows Phone app sucks. Nobody uses it!
Android users are crazy about Facebook. Now I know who's clogging my stream with puppy pics and babies.
But, guys, instead of quitting on Facebook, would it help to use both G+ and FB to help your biz? Or are you resolved to just scrap FB all the way and just stick with Google+ ? Watchathink?
I'm going to start a farcebuck cause to join google +What ? its a farce, not social networking but political networking, while integrating obama and zuckies homosexual manifesto on america, and they're in it for the bucks, = farcebuck.
ANY one get their classaction invite against facebook yet ? i got mine in the email yesterday. this is how it starts:



You are receiving this e-mail because you may have been featured in a "Sponsored Story" on Facebook prior to December 3, 2012.
I just got a galaxy tab 2 7.0 and I am loved it

I'm done with facebook, just closed my account for good.
Apple users are so sensitive, god forbid that google should look better in numbers. 
I have a lot of friends on facebook, I wonder how to take them all to google +
+jackie cox don't waste your time as they won't understand. I left ages ago and have ever looked back. 
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