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A secret is no longer a secret once you tell the Internet. -
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so everyone knows i surf porn on the internet? crap.
It's not a proper secret if you'd write it online.
Erm ... a secret is no longer a secret the moment you tell anyone, not just the internet. Oh, and TechCrunch joins in the fun by posting the offending photo once again. To quote: "The irony of this privacy “breach” obviously wasn’t lost on news-starved tech reporters..."
Ooo I get it! She forgot to brush her teeth, so she wrote it on her hand. lol
The biggest secret is now revealed....Good job.
Three people can keep a secret...... As long as the other two are dead..... 
Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead. Ben Franklin.
Bri S
nice braces XD
Someone's just hungry for some Twitter love.
So true! Not to mention you can never ever fully erase it either!
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