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Ways to get people to do things they don’t want to do -

What usually works for you?
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Try and get them to do the opposite of what you want them to do. Because they are so eager not to do what you asked they do the opposite thus actually doing what you wanted in the first place
da Lo
you have very beautiful eyes
That's gotta be McKayla's daughter xD She's also Not Impressed.
In the little girls case. Either positive (preferred) or negative reinforcement. Bribe with treat.
I think the question and the image make an awkward combination...

Anyway... This comes from repeated personal experience: the best you can do is set the example. Nobody respects a person who is not willing to do what they ask others to do.
looking frustrated and not losing eye contact usually works for me.
Shouting and maybe poking them into submission. If all else fails, passive aggressive verbal jabs always do the trick
I find the best strategy of all is just not to want things from other people.
I doubt anyone (sofar) actually read the TC article this is about. Perhaps TC could provide more info in their teasers on G+.

In response to the question: Earn respect and be empathic.
The article called it "progressive disclosure", I call it "incrementalism".  A little like how to boil a frog.
+Timo Anttila, the problem with financial rewards is that eventually they become meaningless. Sooner or later, the beneficiary will realize either that they can ask for more or that they can do without it all together. With teenagers and onwards, they soon understand that doing the same task for some (or more money) is still doing the same task and no extra effort will be done. Motivation just plummets.
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