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Nope, not after what they did to webOS.
I already have an Android tablet from HP :p
Sure. Because I love as much crapware as possible on my device. Quality crapware from developers who think they know better than the OS developers. More crapware! Yes! And please, make me pay a premium for it!
If it's a good product why not? And probably for a second generation where they have already proven to be taking it seriously. 
They will clunky underpowered paperweights.
Depends on the bells n whistles. Make me a reader sized tablet with all the ports I need, baddass camera, stylus, battery life like the Note 2... and how 'bout you make it waterproof. Under $375. Then yeah, I'd take a look.
I really like HP's professional line of products. I have a tablet PC of theirs that I've enjoyed using for a long time. It's not touch screen. I broke the stylus a looooong time ago. If they made a similar tablet PC that was touch screen and wee bit slimmer/lighter, I'd def put it on my wish list... 
Just got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 so thats a no from me. I am quite happy with what I have now.
Eh, the touchpad was a nice piece of hardware. 
False. I work for HP PSG for business. They will do windows phone if anything... 
+Zahy Matar it still is. That little tablet refuses to die. I'm grateful I picked up 2 during the fire sale. 
Man none of you guys have faith in big ole hp Haha. And just because you are part of hp doesnt mean you know every single up and coming project
Think what you want. I know this for sure. 
HP is huge into enterprise. Android is not enterprise HP has also invested heavily into windows sans the elitepad 900 and hundreds of other products. It should just make sense to most. 
I loved my old ipaq at the time was a bit chunky compared to the Nokias friends would laugh about me bringing my "laptop" with me but I could do everything on it while others struggled even sending picture messages! Bring back the IPAQ.
Maybe if they seriously refined and invested into an app developers channel for WebOS, I'd have no problem with a WebOS product. At this stage maybe if they don't screw up a minimal/minor skinned jelly bean tablet and don't charge iPad prices....maybe
Good all computer makers need to make the transition
Like +Dominic Chin above, I already own a HP tablet that is running Android. The kids love it for playing games on and I occasionally read my emails using it. Apart from streaming video, what else can you use a tablet for? I need a keyboard to do proper work. So the answer is 'No - I don't need another'. ;-) 
yeah, but what if it comes with a detachable keyboard? A lot of recent tablets are doing that, that's what I have, ASUS Vivo Tab
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