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Here's the Japanese version of the Google Nexus 7 commercial. Better than the US version? via +Matthew Panzarino 
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That commercial would get Google in trouble in the U.S. for promoting unsafe tablet usage in a moving automobile,  poor parenting choices (children on a cliff!), and  preparation of seafood without the oversight of a government agency that knows better (no check for radiation?).   Oh and that silly Celsius scale.  Who uses that?  </sarcasm>
((IF)) I can find a reason to need another phone/pc this will be the class I will buy BUT I still am waiting for the 2000 times speed Europeans and Asians are trying.
Hey you guys should check out my latest post and leave your thoughts on it.
I like the commercial but probably wouldnt stick it in the sand! (0:34)
ok thats cool- just noticed that by putting the time in my comment it links to the video?!?
Sneaky dig at apple mini with that keyboard like it lol
Lol, you can't even play the piano like on iPad mini... besides, I would never bring my tablet to the beach. The ad looks very unrealistic and silly to me, but maybe that's just me.
Of course there is delicious fish mmmm
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