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Books for every child in the world, all thanks to feature phones. 
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It's encouraging to know when technology is used to help others who may not be able to afford the simple luxuries that we take for granted like reading a simple book. Thanks for sharing this. 
While technology in the form of a digital book can help with the literacy issue, it may highlight the technology divide specially in third world nations where even the basic of needs such as clean water and electricity is unavailable. :D
This will allow every id in the world become a hacker. They will not use the device for reading, but, will strip it down, figure how it works, reconfigure it and send spam all over the world.  Send them real books! Technology has become perverse.
One thing that is HIGHLY overlooked is the amount of bandwidth NOT available in many 3rd world countries -- the mistake mwny will make is trying to bring them up to speed  too quickly. A weak infrastructure will only collapse on itself.
I've been giving them money for years now!   They do great work.
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