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I watch everything I can on Hulu.  Once Upon A Time, The Booth At The End, Revenge, 666 Park Avenue, Misfits, Arrow; the list goes on for awhile.  My queue is gigantic.
Didn't like HuLu + at all really. 
Nice try but it misses. If you can't watch older epsiodes of current shows that are not on the CBS web site, then this has little value unless you were looking for Gilligan's Island.
Why bother? I use Hulu for shows I missed, and shows I can't get in the USA. I could care less about out of date shows on Hulu. They should create a seperate site for OLD shows. Like an on demand MeTV.
 I subscribe to plus for up to date goods, less adverts That all seems to be failing.
This sucks.....I might have to look elsewhere for shows....what is everyone's thoughts? Netflix, amazon, ????
+Phil Cooper right now Netflix is good but Amazon is catching up, I have them both. I joined Amazon prime for the cheaper prices and better quality for things so I count the Amazon VOD as a bonus and pay netflix $8 a month.
+Phil Cooper I payed $80 for prime membership and will easily renew it when my time is up. I've already saved wayyyyy more than $80 just on the products themselves not counting the gas and time to go get them. You can literally order just about anything. 
I don't have cable so I watch The Daily Show and a few other similar type shows. And maybe if I miss an episode of something on network TV then Hulu can serve as a 'dvr'.  Otherwise I just watch Netflix.
'only episodes I miss on TV.  Like, ironically enough, I missed Revolution because the power went out.  Thanks, Sandy.
Nothing any more. No google TV app.
I only watch Hulu and Netflix. I have not watched one CBS show in almost a year because they ate not on Hulu.
+Sarah Andrus I got Netflix back after checking out the Amazon VOD. I like them both but I just feel Amazon isn't quite there yet but that's just me.
Fringe, Revolution, The Event and Warehouse 13.
I use Hulu just for Colbert, Daily Show, Once Upon A Time, and Anime'. In all cases I can go to seperate web sites for those shows, so I have no hard dependency on Hulu anymore. Most other things have been moved to "Hulu-Plus", which I won't subscribe to unless they remove the commercials.
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