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The world will crumble from the rot inside it, The storm has only began!
S Mann
I don't think letting secrets out will have an effect on anything. What effect did wikileaks have other than put a few good men under arrest. People went on with thier daily lives after a few "oh noooo" ."that's terrible"

Leaking info will just make the accused angrier.

Unfortunately readers of such news can only protest..which inevitably means...zilch.

Hope they do it anyway though
Why stupid Anonymous want to take US Government down?  My god I am sick of tried hacking against US Government. The more threat and hacking, will get more stiffer punishable. 
Clearly these people have nothing better to do than hack the government when nobody really cares! I feel sorry for them
+Andreas Gregoriou I think they are trying to change the word. I don't agree with what they do, but by small things great things can be accomplished.
Too much info or not enough info?  I go with getting all the info.
I believe what they are doing is terrorism. If you have some dirt, post it. Don't threaten the country with releasing secret info if they don't change laws, that's terrorism. Shit or get off the pot. Anonymous could be a good in society if they acted more mature, unfortunately they will just become the reason why we lose more of our freedoms. 
+Jason Nichols I don't think it is terrorism. They should post all the dirt they have on everyone! Let it ride! My guess is fear, this is why they don't do it. Once "the snow ball is released at the top of the hill" so to speak how big, and what will the results be. This is what no one can control, chaos!
I read the article, and then watched the video and all I can say is..... HOLY SHIT! 

Looks like things are going to get VERY interesting soon.  Break out the popcorn, people!
+Robert Young I understand that, but my guess is if the government does that it will make things much worse.
Jacob G
I hope this happens, this is what people need to see to make a change! They will not realize until it slaps them in the face.
+Tiffany Frunzi If it's a bluff another group will. A lot of people are unhappy with the government.
Denys S
Well, they are kinda right. Let's look at this. Someone gets 15 years of jail for attempted murder, but if someone tries cut somebody's business off gets 50+ years of jail. So is it fair?
"People should not fear their government. A government should fear it's people." V for Vendetta.
+Robert Young Yes, kill them all. Then what happens with people that get out raged at that and move beyond fear? What happens as more and more stand, they can't kill all that will stand. The truth will come out, even if it blood soaked and under a pile of bodies.
You can only be pushed so much till the people push back
I hope they are planning to tear down the GFW 
Its amazing to see people who still accept some of the shit this government is doing. Sometimes seeing is not enough... 
a short screaming police siren ,when I arrived ....tell me why the anonymous will get my blessing?
+Berny Thomas 
Blessings are like prayers, don't do shit.. you can go ahead and keep em..
Looks like 2013 is going to be very interesting!
If they're going to do something make it so someone in the government gets and Hilary lol
While I understand the angst, I can't agree with the methods being used by Anonymous. The idea of hacking the government's systems to force the government to revise computer hacking legislation seems ridiculous to me. 
Tools, they support occupy, they're children, and you assholes are being led to believe they want change. They only want fame and do stunts like this to brag to their inner circle of geeks. They couldn't give less fucks about the average Joe. They are just another tool that manipulates your aggressions, your discontent and makes it so you think someone is on your side doing the dirty work. It's all bullshit, realize that, get a life... things will be better.
Its sad these idiots go around hurting innocent people.
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