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The iPad owned Black Friday, so let’s start seeing better shopping experiences designed for it -
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I heard Apple went crazy with their price cuts! 7%, was it?! Mind blowing deals.
There are some products out there which in order to get the same  discount would need a 12% less.  7% of $700 is a little more than a 12% in $400. Anyway, it is still more expensive that no discount in other products but you play with that. I am gonna steal you a little less and then you feel I am giving you this for free.
Android users are doing two things, waiting for cyber Monday and playing ingress. 
Ryan Z
I'm waiting for Boxing Day here. Though this is the first year where Black Friday was heavily pushed here in Canada. The new new iPad was $55 off...which ironically is the biggest savings I've ever seen on a new iPad.
Whether it's on sale or not, I'm hoping (so long as it's in stock) to pick up a Nexus 7.
Oooohh 55 dollars of your first born, when a better droid tab costs a qtr/half that hmm lol
Ryan Z
+Sean Procell Never said I was buying it (iPad). Simply said it was the "biggest sale" I've seen on a current gen iPad. That was sort of my point also. $55 off is nice but far from something to make me wait in larger lines/crowds.
As I said, I'll be picking up a Nexus 7.
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