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The BlackBerry Q10 is a curious blend of old and new. Think you'll want one? -
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Why not? If they got the right apps runnin well.
no thanks, i prever smarter Samsung Galaxy Note II or iPhone 5...purrrfect!
It looks like a Pantech.  
Fisher Price will sue them for stealing their design !
Maybe if they gave it away for free I would try it.
or maybe if Alicia Keys will deliver it in person.  
My Gnex is "buttonless", the qwerty is dead to me.  The blackberry was great but I just like my bigger screen, and android apps too much.
So there are a couple of "10"'s available in the market?  Z10 and Q10?
Not after the way they treated people, including me, after their last big outage. Never going back to +BlackBerry .
Def interested to take a look at it, but after being on #iPhone for a while, nothing else look as beautiful. +Blackberry should look into investing time to research something else like bendable wrist watch that is phone or some other futuristic things that may give them an edge in the up coming market. 
Yes. I only trust companies that hire pop singers to fill important leadership positions.
I have watched a few interviews with RIM-people and they cant sell the system. Sorry BB you will never be interesting.
Nope. I don't want any Blackberry product.
No way, I was good a few years ago. For me is Android forever

If they paid for use it may be!
I wouldn't take it if it was free. 
If I can sync my google contacts emails calendar sure that's what I'm waiting to hear. Although they have been saving that you can run android native apps on BB10 I haven't seen anything showing that 
My brother. And in my opinion, he is doing a kickass job if you would look at some of their technology and new ideas!
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