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Facebook has killed off 37% of spammers since June 2012 -
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Uru phred
I think you meant SEXY shirtless tool.
Facebook has "killed" ... that does not sound right.. LOL
Yet it leaves all the really bad pages up and the good pages down

Silly Facebook.
Personally I know far more innocent people caught in the cross fire then actual spammers that have been blocked or banned. I wonder which will actually piss off users more, a few spammers or getting blocked? Facebook really makes me wonder some times. 
What really confuses me is how Facebook allows people to talk to Zuckerberg, but have to pay $100 to do so?
I knew a "social media expert" that could get businesses hundreds of Facebook likes in a day. I looked through the people that had recently liked the pages who where named Alabama Maine, Northda Kota, Dela Ware, etc...
I'm not sure a spammer has introduced themselves to me. So, I guess I know pretty few of them too. 
L am
Spammer are not as bad as your account get accidentally blocked. Can lived with spammers but not blocked!
I find that i use Google+ more than i openup my web browser.
And now it had become 100m user social network?
Spammers distract the ads algorithms Facebook is running or...?
I had a fake profile I created a couple of years ago when I was in a Farmville phase that I used to vet potential farm-friends (no-pun). I tried a couple of times to delete the account and it never disappeared. I wonder if they finally nuked "Farmville Bob" (which uses a picture of a turtle in his profile)
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