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The long-awaited iTunes 11 is finally here. Which new features are your favorite?
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I like the Uninstall feature the best.
I replaced my IPad3 with N7 last week. The best thing about it, I got to uninstall iTunes and all other garbage application it installed on my PC. I'm apple free now. 
Long awaited by whom? People that like low fidelity music.
Oooh better yet, the uninstall feature! That gotta be awesome! 
Guys hating for hating sake is pointless. Why don't you take what's on offer (for free) and use it.

+Dwayne Parsons not sure where you came up to this conclusion. I have just re-downloaded several albums from iTunes Match as I had some mess in my iTunes library and found that iTunes Match will serve them in 256kbs (or similar if in VBR). The same exercise via Google Music yielded only 125 kbs files.

I'm sad to say, but buying and playing content from Apple is still more convenient than from Google. I'm saying that as a long term Android fan, but as I live outside the US, the content on offer is a mess with Google (still no music or TV shows in Canada).
I'm digging it. Clean interface. A lot of crap is gone.
+Petr Faitl  As a Canadian I am bummed that we can not purchase google music in Canada.
That being said - Google music works fine for your own content (wink wink).  You can even upload your iTunes music :-)

There is simply no contest between the ease of use of Google Music vs. iTunes.  Google has the right model here - and Apple will eventually end up adopting it. I shouldn't have to worry about  installing software, or where my music is located. It should all just work...
I use Google Music from time to time, but I keep coming back to iTunes. Despite its faults, it is still more polished. 
+Justin Welenofsky I always come to the point that I want to (legally) obtain content and find that I can't do with all those "other" free alternatives.

+Warren Strange I've been running Google Music (first from the UK and now Canada) since the beginning and appreciate having it play all my music regardless which device I'm using. I do believe that GM is now using system similar to iTunes Match as it just discovered 2 new albums on my Mac and "uploaded it" in seconds.
Saying that despite all iTunes faults it does offer better experience than GM, especially having it linked to an Apple TV.
+Petr Faitl I'm not comparing itunes to google. MP3's to high fidelity. Music was high fidelity until mp3's came along and then it went backwards. Storage space was the initial reason but that simply isn't the case anymore, then it was so it doesn't take up much bandwidth when downloading; but with 20 - 100Gbps internet connections that is not necessary anymore either. It's fine if you listen to everything with headphones it doesn't matter so much but playing this on an expensive hifi car stereo or home stereo I notice how bad it sounds. Compare 256kbps to 1411 for cd's that's a bit of difference and completely noticeable. And that's cd's I try to find 24bit music whenever possible and go higher than that.
With their almost monthly updates, what's the point of even having version numbers?
+Dwayne Parsons I agree that the difference is tremendous. I used to work in a hifi shop, at the time when SACD players made debut and you can't compare MP3, CD to SACD. The clarity, definition and range is about something else. 

Until recently I worked for a hifi manufacturer in the UK, but must admit I own next to no high-end kit, despite being able to buy it at a cost price. The reason? Hifi has still the attitude of bearded-men in macs (the coat not a computer) and struggles to innovate in the era of convenience and instant consumption. The only notable brand is B&W.

Whilst I like and appreciate when my favourite music is played on a top end CD player with a pre and power amp (Myriad was our brand) through some Q-acoustics speakers, the truth is I'm more likely to play it on a mobile phone, pumping it over bluetooth into my car or home stereo.
I agree the uninstall feature is the best. That piece of shit is the worst thing ever. 
Remote application on ipad and iphone is better now.

Upgraded itune, but still using it as a remote for all my airplay zone from VMWare ESXi server. Work great as intended. Play my music while get home with a nice interface !!

Hater will always be around....
The new interface is awesome!
The second I got my first Android, I deleted iTunes and installed Songbird. 
It's actually good......the interface as well as how easier it is to use
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