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They can insist all they want. The bottom line is that Facebook page owners, myself included, have seen their engagement drop dramatically and now they offer us a chance to pay to correct that, and most page owners aren't happy about that.
My favorite food truck's page posted. It was nowhere in my feed. Period. 
Who actually owns things published on Facebook?
+Joachim Persson I'm not a lawyer, but it is my understanding that from the standpoint of liability, the poster does, but from the standpoint of making profit, Facebook does.
Farcebook is finished. Long live G+! 
Sadly for Zuck Facebook is a for profit company with retail investors that's goal is to make money. Personally, I don't hold it against them. If you play in someone else's sandpit, you're playing by their rules.
Im so tired of my phone buzzing and updating me on the same 12 people. I hate Facebook. Its going the way of MySpace and im glad cuz most of the posts are ridiculous or way to personal (drama)..thats why women love it!!! Its a portable reality show with very little useful information. 
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