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Apple’s Mac sales for its first fiscal quarter of 2013 were not very impressive. Are you surprised?
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C Lye
Not surprised at all. 
not surprising at all, considering their stance against choice
How does that compare with PC sales across the industry over the same time?
who would want to buy a $2000 mac computer or laptop when you can just buy an ipad mini for about $350 which does the same things the mac does.. 
The last-good mac OS was Snow Leopard. I don't even know if apple makes a computer with a optical drive. The mac is now a joke 
Desktops an laptops are being replaced the tablet will just link to what ever server you need it just that simple

I think homes that had multiple PC's will no longer do that, but, maybe 1 pc and the rest will be tablets and mobile phones. 
The real problem with mobile is the carriers stopping unlimited data plans. This is could stagnant the cellular industry. That is the wild card, in my opinion! 
I got three macs dont need but one probably want buy another just keep ipads up to date
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