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128GB iPad or 128GB Surface Pro?
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Neither, happy with my Asus Transformer with 1.5 TB external HD. Thanks for asking a stupid question though!!!
128K Sinclair Spectrum.
is this a serious question? I don't think those are competing devices. Different purpose
Have not tried any Surface at all, but will take the Surface Pro.
If you buy an iPad 128GB you hava +/- 120GB free to use. If you buy an Surface 128GB Pro you have 60GB free to use. So, with 60GB to use the Surface Pro the virus don't have too much space to live.
neither. But if I had to choose I'd go with the surface pro. Considering I can actually do work on the surface pro vs the iPad.
I don't think you could go wrong either either, and it should included a droid device of some sort.  It really depends on what you want to do with it and more importantly, your preference.  Their are pros and cons to all and those pros and cons are persuaded by again, your preferences.
You mean 120 g iPad vs 83 g surface
How much usable space is there on the Windows tablet?

I mean, the thing's running Windows
+Joe Grasso the same thing could be said about any device. All devices have less space then advertised considering they store the OS on those drives. Does anyone know how much space is available on a stock iPad when it ships?
If it is for work and fun, Surface Pro. I'd love to take it to my office and run MS Office, Lotus Notes and some internal applications. Then at home watch movies, check Twitter, etc.
128GB Nexus 10. 
Or a 64GB one with Micro SD... PLEASE
Surface Pro or Nexus 10.  iPad is a waste of money.
+Daneel Ellinggton :)  I'm not saying the iPad is a bad device though.  It's good tech... it's just vastly over priced for what you get compared to the competition.
I don't understand the question, they're different. Buy a jetpack.
Surface Pro or RT(128gb) for that matter...
lol ... depends, do you wanna brick that runs out of battery like a charm or do you want a real tablet :P (I mean tablet, not PC in form of a brick)
People, there's a device called the nexus 10 out there. Even at 32 gb, it beats the rest
I need more options than an iPad vs Surface
Surface. Stupid question really but  while the iPad must be attractive for phone users, the Surface is attractive for computer users.
Two tribes.
Obviously iPad, who wants to see redesigned BSOD even on a tablet
I don't buy iAnything, and I have no use for Windows on a tiny tablet, just like I had no use for Windows on a tiny netbook. I want a HUGE Windows laptop (i.e., desktop replacement) and Android phone and tablets. Just because something new exists doesn't mean I need it.
Macbook air 128gb + Ubuntu live cd simple
Surface pro on any day. It can "actually" work 
Surface, if you want to get work done!
Since I would only get 64gb of useable storage on the 128gb model of the surface pro I would go with the iPad 128gb

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