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We all know the “four horsemen” of tech: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.

The fifth horsemen: Samsung -
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What do you think Facebook is made of? Fairy powder and chocolate?
5 horsemen in the pic
At least they didn't say RIM/Blackberry, lol
i believe there are more than 5 in this photo
What happened to Microsoft? They might have problems with their OS but they still have Xbox and enough deals with content providers to have one of the best STB for media consumption.
Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Apple would be the right four. If we are accounting for revenue, tech development and market share.
+Fernando Maldonado Good question. Problem is the Xbox is getting "old". Widows 8 may not do well ether, and Windows phone? Oh boy!
And honestly Amazon as a tech company?? They're more like a retailer. Kindle is nothing more than a digital store front. 
No, like them or not Microsoft deserves to be on this list more than either Amazon or Facebook. Google, Apple, Microsoft are your real tech leaders.
+Carlton Madden I'm not so sure. In the 90' or pre iPhone iPad, hands down no question. Now I have to say has Microsoft been king of the hill too long? Not a Apple fan ether. 
Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Apple, surely? If Amazon can get on there, why not go the whole way and replace Facebook with Barnes and Noble?
+Daniel Crossley Barns and Nobel? Think they are close to bankrupt. Only technology there I know of was the Nook.
+Benjamin Zomberg Microsoft is trying with the surface, sky drive, windows phone, window 8 and probably more.
+Leto Jaxa in my days the cloud were called servers and Amazon uses those to hold your purchases. Nothing like what Google, Apple, and Microsoft uses their servers aaaah cloud for. 
+Fernando Maldonado I don't really care what they call it. I just pointed out that you seem to forget Amazon has a whole infrastructure that's more than just "purchases".
Microsoft isn't one of the top horsemen? I'd say they've done more than Amazon ever has...
Microsoft? Just because win 8 isnt your cup pf tea doesn't meam they dont have 80% of the market...
Correction: Amazon, Apple, MICROSOFT, and google.
Really? Facebook? Pshh...
+Jason Jones Do you really believe Microsoft will fall?  Not only does 80% + of the world's computers run it, it also is in almost every corporate environment there is.  Saying Microsoft would ever fall is like saying the world was gonna end in December
It might be because I've had a few drinks but I wonder if Tech Crunch has the rights to use that image from Lord of The Rings? Anyways...
Have to agree with Anthony Poehler here
+Duncan Girvan yeah I knew that. I also know that Amazon is the go to for cloud computing. They have the largest. I was kidding about the Amazon remark. 
That what I was trying to say. Microsoft deserves to be mentioned with those other tech companies. They might not have the power they once did but they still have a lot of influence. 
Samsung success will be short .. dont think it can continue like this ..
The fifth horsemAn. Otherwise, Agreed!
HorsemEn - HorsemAn
EmphAsis - no emphasis.
This list is amusing, who creates this shit?
Switch Facebook and Samsung... Unless you guys are that stupid. Facebook hasn't made and "tech" all they did was make a simple website the blew up. Samsung has done a lot more.
These days Microsoft is more like Gollum. 
I'd chuck Sony in as a 6th horseman, but that would only be if they can sort out their software update issues and pull all their platforms and hardware to work better together
The evil sauron is definitely Apple.
This post clearly shows how you're talking nonsense most of the time. FB = tech ?! I'm out. Bye.
Theres actually 7 horsemen in this pic.. ? That should be enough to please everyone
WHAT about of millions of Samsung´s phones working with Andorid OS ?? will they be Tyzen OS???
Agree that Microsoft (like them or not) deserve to be on the list!
Drop Apple and put up Microsoft... Or just add Microsoft. 
CS Chua
There are only 4 and Samsung is in. Amazon? It has no presence in the majority of the countries of the world. Amazon isn't a global player like Apple, Samsung, Facebook or Google. 
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