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Apple stomps on Tapjoy’s app download circle jerk (again) -
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Well, when the system is based on download volume instead of satisfaction of users (star rating) it will always be gamed by someone in this manner. 
Anyone that has used twitter knows what I am referring to when I say that I have won 5 dozen free iPads. Then, the shameless affiliate linking. This is all very petty. There will always be petty people. The only petty person that I do not mind is the Tom Petty. The money has moved to the internet and much like the vultures or the Mark Suckerburgs, these petty people (most of the linking is done by 14 year olds who spend hours earning almost 3 dollars) see an opportunity. These are the bottom feeders. The social marketing bubble has finally popped. Facebook is no longer a viable target for these bottom feeders. FB has been whoring itself for years, more so since the IPO-struggling to turn as many tricks as possible to prevent the share price from falling even further. That company is holding on by a thread and by the end of the year many poorly informed investors will be very very angry at the money they have lost, the money that they think is well invested because Facebook has 80 billion users all over the world and cannot fail. If everyone you know uses the Facebook, it sounds like a fantastic investment. If you take a step back, you will see the countless class action lawsuits coming. Facebook takes your data, it sells it, and in return will serve up advertising until you become desensitised to it. A little known fact: Facebook collects your facial recognition data. It is too ironic to even begin to conceive how ironic it is. I escaped the grip of the Facebook by using misleading IP addressess, confusing photos, and changing my email addresses, phone numbers, what I like, what my favourite bands and books are (The Farmers Almanac 1911-1917 is a personal favourite). Facebook is now selling worthless data about me. Google is now positioned to establish a complete media monopoly spanning more markets than any other company has ever dominated in the history of the world. Google, fortunately, they are the good guys. They have real class. I bet that they play as the top hat. They are about to build hotels on boardwalk and park place and no one will even try to stop the construction because they think that Google+ is a failure; their iPads are signed into Facebook. Checkmate. Sorry about this post I have had a few. This Nexus 7 spelled most of the words for me. Also, I spilled beer on it and dropped it on the pavement because it is invincible and so fast that I had to undercook it. 
well done on the effort to put this scam to bed
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