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With $1.8M from Andreessen, Chris Sacca & more, rental marketplace Getable digs into the $32B construction market -
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Am I the only one who thinks the construction industry is wholeheartedly lacking some sort of tech revolution (evolution)? Sure in terms of hardware/machinery they probably are far advancing but in terms of an online presence the majority of this industry is in the prehistoric ages.

Other then a couple of trusted tradesmen websites & Pinterest this is a massive market to get into. Anyone else feel the same?  
+Marius Fermi That's because they're tech luddites. Really! Ran into the same thing when working as a consultant in the printing industry. Unless one is in the prepress area, pressmen are luddites and hate technology or learning new processes. It'll change slowly as the younger ones become head pressman.
It's actually amazing how many of the verticals still have massive opportunities when it comes to technological innovation.  As +Stephen Allen said, this will slowly change as the old guard retires.  But, in the meantime there is plenty of money to be made.  The tricky part is getting to know an industry well enough to recognize the gaps, and having the technical know-how to fill them.  This is not as often the case as one might think.
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