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Dropbox just hit 100 million users:

And we found the CEO so inspiring that we wrote a poem for the startup:
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When do you think Google Drive will replace it? A year..2..?
+Yifat Cohen when Samsung and other companies start offering free 50 gb google drive with your phone. 
Kind of adorable!
+Yifat Cohen I understand your confusion. Samsung offers free 50 gb dropbox with the s3 and a few other phones. HTC offered 25 gb with my phone. 
Gotcha. Yes, that's way better than the 5G of Drive. Can you take it with you if you switch to say AT&T or cancel your contract?
+Yifat Cohen you get that space for 2 years for one dropbox account(may work with many but never tried).
Yes, just need to activate once from your phone. Sell the phone after that, your wish.
+thomas allen Nothing I've ever put in my dropbox account has gone anywhere I didn't want it to go. Over 6 gigs of info has been/and is still passing through my db account without a single problem. 
I doubt that. That means everyone on my facebook will be able to download all my apps, files, and software. That's file sharing and I don't think facebook wants to confront that beast anytime soon. 
What are you talking about? Dropbox is what it is because of the fact that they listen to the user. I don't know what kind of horrible experience you've been having, but seems like it's been very user friendly to the majority.
Meh... Privacy will always be an issue. By the way, you can say "facebook." We get it, you don't like them. But you have to realize, privacy will always be an issue. Pay attention to what you put online and you should have no worries. I doubt facebook would create such a problem anyway... maybe your mobile photo uploads..
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