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Siri is coming to the Mac in OS X 10.9. Hopefully she'll be useful by then.
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Almost time to update my Hackintosh then (10.8.2 currently) XD
At least it'll still be easy to use Google Maps on Mac OS...hopefully. 
I bet it's gonna be only retina-based mac only for the siri feature to be available.
+norkhairi misdi The iPhone 4 had a Retina display. Your argument does not make sense.
Siri was applied to the latest models, not the ones with the highest resolution.
Great! Wibbly wobbly world for all mac users :).............:(
+Nickan Fayyazi  Ah, it seems that my statements are being misinformed when I mentioned "retina". But then again, just let's see what the future brings, shall we?
Ryan R.
Will Siri's voice be still too robotic? :D
I hope Google follows this and brings Google Now to the Chromebook and Chromebox.
Need to update, need to update NEED TO UPDATE,! 
+Ryan R. In apple's defense Siri's voice isn't robotic it is a voice of an old lady who has cough. 
siri is already more useful than any other galaxy copies of it
Omg. Time for Mac users to start looking for an alternative os to run on their hardware. I'm in the process of switching my schools lab to Linux in part because I'm sick of all the invasive software Apple foists on the OS that isn't helpful in the classroom. For example, iTunes and the app store.
Mac book pros the best computer I've ever owned, don't need an alternative. After buying a apple computer I've had maybe 4% of the problems I used to experience on computers. 
Isn't Siri written for ARM processors?
Did Apple finally port it to Intel?

It was only a matter of time. My bet, that by OS XI, iOS and OS X will be one.
I'm keen to see what it will be like, personally. 
+Nickan Fayyazi the X in OS X stands for the Roman numeral 10.
It's also used to emphasize the relatedness to Unix.
Previous OS to OS X was OS 9.

Maybe I should have put OS XI in"", since I don't know if Apple will call it that. I apologize!

Android user here. Not trying to ignite flame wars but have a serious question... do you have to pay for iOS updates?
+Shreyash Nigam Not entirely correct e.g AirDrop features, by default, on OS X 10.7 or later, this were not being made available to older Macs (just like my MacMini late 2009, although there are hacks to "force" enable it). But then again, I might be wrong about Siri. But I highly doubt it will be made available on older Macs such as mine, but there will always a way to do it. :)
+Charlie Erkens for iOS, no need to pay for upgrade, it's just either your device is supported for the upgrade or not. For OS X, if it's a major upgrade, then yes you have to pay, e.g 10.8 to 10.9. If the updates are 10.8.2, it's free. Although upgrade to 10.8 recently costs.. wait for it.. $19.99. That is expensive. It's like buying 3 full Angry Birds game titles. Oh, and we are not talking about iOS here and I'm a Galaxy Nexus user :)
Thanks +norkhairi misdi. That was a great explaination. Though IMHO $19.99 is a deal compared to Some of the previous Windows upgrades i can recall from the past. Is it more drastic price then say if upgrade was from latest 8.x to 9.0?
+Charlie Erkens OS X 10.8 is the first version to cost $19.99. 10.6 and 10.7 were $29.99 each, and 10.0 to 10.5, if I'm not mistaken, were $129.99. The Mac OS 8 and OS 9 upgrades were $99 each, and the OS X (OS 10) public beta was $29.95.
Lets hope she does not use the apple maps... Siri may never make it otherwise.
You pay for it in the price of the computer ;)
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