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Apple patent a reminder that it’s working on Google Glass-style wearable tech, too -

Once ready, think it'll be better than Google's?
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Based on what exactly do you want us to make an opinion? There isn't even close to enough information to do so.
No chance. Apple does not have the mountains of data google does. 
It will be more expensive than Google's 
Come on. The idea is really old ... Even a 10 year old could have come up with the description given by Apple in the patent. I can't belive vague things like this one are patentable...
I just don't see wearable electronics taking off-whether it is a bluetooth headset, wearing your phone on your belt, or some google glasses, you look like a doofus wearing this stuff on your person. 
Ofcourse no, Apple are full of shit.
Doubtful. More proprietary, for sure, though.
So because they have patents means they are working on it.  I guess we're still waiting for the NFC integration then.
+Matt Montagne before phones(radio etc) people said it would look stupid talking to someone that wasnt there. but a lot of people are doing it these days
Apple will come out with a shitty half assed product, charge twice as much as Google Glass and then sue over patents. 
+Patrick McLeod You really think they'll come up with a new product? More likely they'll steal the technology and build it into the iPhone12 four years after everyone else. Then they'll patent troll everyone :-)
I'm not sure what you are looking for, so here is a puppy with Google Glasses on its head.
This is some typical Apple bullshit... They better not pull a lawsuit.
In other news: advancements in technology are once again limited due to the ongoing Patent Wars!
Who grants these stupid vague patents,  its just as well to say Gene Roddenberry owns every technology that will ever be created.
I can't wait to see how many people walk off cliffs and into walls with Apple maps on those glasses
Suspiciously, my non-offense and oh so clever comment has been removed...
It will tell you when to get a new one and force u to buy a new one every three years ...
oh better not say that apple will licence it and call it there's
sorry one more just wanted to say cute dog.....reporting apple for making dog look ridiculouse
competition is good. That means it might actually make it to market before I'm too old to understand new technology.
+Paolo Kuslan Huge R&D department... yeah right. Let me explain something to you, Apple haven't invented anything from after the Wozniak period. The things that they do are borrowed from other creative companies either by buying that small company or just pretend to "invent" the same thing before them and then suit them with some bullshit patent that the American gov't gave to em. Round corners, remember... yeah, right. Also they are the company that can manage to waste so much material for their products... single aluminum body for MacAir ? Do you know how much wasteful is this technology? Maybe you should think and research first before write stupid comments.
cutest dog ? smarted dog? oh..dont bother..haha
Don't tell me apple is now copying Google?
and Microsoft is supposedly working on wearable display tech for the next xBox. Looks like we have a new wave of wearable computing tech coming in. 
I don't think healthy competition in this area is a bad thing. 
Patent wars are a huge showstopper for innovation.

I only want Apple to come to sense and stop that pointless patent stuff. They seems to be desperate, maybe because Android completely take over the mobile phone market, I don't know. And you know - war is when two armies are fighting, in this case only Apple is the aggressor. 
Well, that last part is not entirely true. There's a whole lot of fighting coming from all directions. 
I agree in principle, and the patent system is in dire need of an overhaul - but simple knockoff products are not good for competition either. Not that that's necessarily the case here. 
If you lean towards iOS because of the way people act on G+ then that is just plain silly +Esmond Missen , Go to any Apple forum and it's the exact opposite.  Make choices on what fits your needs, that is Android for me and that may be iOS for you but don't blame G+ on choosing the inferior OS. ;)
Apple was actually working on wearable tech in the form of content-delivery glasses, at least on paper, long before Google debuted Google Glass. Apple originally filed a patent for its own Glass Project back in 2006.
Apple patents are based on stolen ideas. So I'm glad to see the USPTO finally catching up on that.
I thought you had to have a physical object to get a patent? So the tards at apple could just think of inevitable shit all day and patent it. Genius bar.. Fucking pretentious twats.
Apple will patent it and then sue Google even though Google invented it. 
apple will course out sell the google glass
with all best developer... maybe.. :D
This is why we need patent reform. Anyone and I do mean anyone who patents an idea should be required to have at least a working prototype in a reasonable time frame or it should just be thrown out. 
shouldn't it be "patented" past tents 
You can patent a reminder..? Awesome, and life continues at Apple...
Sure hope Apple doesn't patent the cure for cancer. 
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