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Kodak has had a rough go of it lately, filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy almost a year ago and selling off its portfolio of more than 1000 digital imaging patents just last month.

But today the centenarian company has some good news to report, as U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Allan Gropper of the Southern District of New York has approved Kodak’s $844 million financing led by Centerbridge Partners LP.
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WTF? Kodak cameras are great. When I changed from canon to kodak, i had video types that were easier to convert. canon was using .mov which having to shell to bash and entering ffmpeg -i dsc-20121103.mp4.

i forgot what type kodak used but you could post to youtube without having to convert to mp4. back then, youtube couldn't accept posts of MOV videos because they'd yet to add conversion from MOV to FLV or MP4 i.e. detection of 720 or 1080 videos.

Hopefully this means Kodak will put out more cameras.
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