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Ridiculous rumors tout cheaper, bigger iPhone 5S. And multiple models! Oh my! -
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they should stick to the premium handset market, this is just going to devalue the brand that they worked so hard to get to
Strange, another site claims Apple will not produce a larger iphone and would produce two 4" iphone.  Its all rumors!
Whatever they do, it will be junk as always!!
They just want to say they invented the bigger screen so they can sue everyone else over something else. 
+Darcie Medusa "junk"? Whatever phone you do use, I think most people can agree that the iPhone is not "junk" lmao. 
Makes me laugh. "You know what we could do that's so original and will make our sheep buy more of our iPhones, DIFFERENT FUCKING COLOURS" - An Apple Exec.
+Paul Hutchinson Do you really think you are "better" because you use an Android phone and call iOS users sheep?  It's a F-ing phone! What world problem are you solving with yours?  Checking Facebook and texting, holy crap I guess it really matters which glass rectangle you use.  I guess I'm just a dumb sheep.  I hope you sleep better tonight knowing how superior you and every Android user is to the lowly idiotic Apple user.  
Dan Lam
I wish Apple would make an aluminum version of the iPhone 4S.
Stef P
It's funny to see iphone users as annoyed as most phone users were by them back when iphone and is multiple iterations were released.... Circle of life 
Big earnings day tomorrow! Will they surprise?
Edit! Cool!
+Stef P not sure you know this or if anyone has informed you but you can edit a post here on Google+ no need to make 2nd post for errors 
I am worried about Apple. They seem to have lost their north star. Samsung appears to be out-innovating them right now.
I wouldn't worry about any company worth half a trillion. 
+John Zito Call it conspiracy theory, but I have a suspicion that all the innovations for Apple's multiple product lines for the next ten years have already been figured out and finished. They're just bleeding the market by pushing those innovations one model at a time. +Sam Salemi Haha! Very true. There are far more important things to lose sleep over.
I personally am very exited for this. Its all down hill from here. 
Please, no larger! The 5 is a perfect size. Then there's the iPad mini, which works for everything else. And the 27" iMac for the real work. I love Appleland.
+Ryan Light Oh Samsung is just as bad as Apple about suing people. I just find picking on Apple more fun. ^_^
i laugh so hard @the iphails ridiculous shape skiny as hell oddly long for the width its stupid design at it worst.. ooohhh take a 4s and stretch it such design... smh
I hate iPhones. They are boring,always with the same things 
Stef P
+Kenn Harlem did know, thanks. Felt like making a second post anyway. Hope that's ok 
They'll just move the headphone jack back up top and they'll introduce a new analog sync connector (because it sounds better of course).
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