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Apple now has $137.1 billion in cash — a 12.9 percent increase from the last reported number, $121.3 billion.
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Good for them!! It's worked out well for their customers with all that innovation they have done the last 3 years!!
Evan Stitt
I guess milking iSheep is an effective business model.
+Raja Sharma because they need to upgrade their previous device and they like what they had before.. ??? It ain't rocket science.
That's good.. Hoard the money while Americans struggle. This shows how much they are over-pricing their products and not giving back to the people that keep them in business. #iGreed
The Great American Company eh??  

Make all their products and store all their profits, Offshore!!!
+Jaime Uribe Apple products are generally the premium products.. Most people who own Apple devices aren't going to be complaining about Apple's huge cash reserves.. and if they are, maybe those people should be buying something cheaper and saving their money.
Oh God people get over it. Surely you have more important things to concern yourselves with than continually hating on a company.
+Pat Smerdon , I suspect that if Apple would be a little less greedy with its premium pricing, they would account for a much larger share of any market they have products for.  And, because the volume of sales would go up so much more, they'd be even more profitable.
+Corey Evans Hording cash (anyone doing it) to excessive amounts is bad for local and global economies

I don't care what they spend it on, just that they do.

Throw lavished parties, that pays party staff, and anyone who makes their supplies.

Buy boats, that helps boat makers. Build a silicon factory, helps factory workers and construction workers, etc
+Ryan Light This is Google Plus, where the ignorant Android geeks rage about stuff they don't really understand. There's no place here for logic or unbiased counter arguments.
+Ryan Matsudaira Given their 137 billion in spare cash, they could easily increase the pay of their workers, and increase the number of workers
+Scott Rosenberg I'm sure to a starving African child you look like a greedy millionaire too. You could give up all your assets to help some people but you don't. It's all relative, and to say other wise is just hypercritical. 
+Pat Smerdon I disagree. A company that has that much money is choosing not to pay people more, not donate as much as they can, charging more than they have to for their product, regardless if someone is willing to pay for it. A public company not only should look after its investor it should look after its stakeholders which includes it's community and country. 
Makes sense why they like to throw money away to all lawsuits they've done. 
+Corey Evans You don't understand. Spending money isn't about charity here. Spending money is about making money flow through the economy faster. Apple isn't the only company hording cash. Many individuals, as well as many other companies are also hording way more cash than they'll ever need.

You're trying to take my arguement and make it fallacious by adding something that's irrelevant. Even if they payed a large amount of people minimum wage to do non stop apple advertising, that'd be enough.  This isn't about wage, or helping the little guy, it's about helping the entire system.
Some of us understand full well +Corey Evans. Apple is a crap ass company. Debate devices all you want, but Apple's greedy, controlling, manipulative nature is not really up for debate.
"Apple is a crap ass company", the level of posts I have come to expect on Google Plus. Apple is a company and as such has one goal, to make a profit. There is nothing wrong or illegal about that. I think you getting company mixed up with charity, and capitalist country mixed up with communist.
I posted with logic and reason, without bias against apple.
+Jace Daniels so all companies have apples' morals? I don't think so. Make profit, yes, hoard money, wrong. There is no need to hold on to that much money unless they are looking to buy a small country... 
OK allow me to rephrase - Apple represents everything that is wrong with capitalism.
A lot of companies were actually founded by people who had ideals in their head at what they wanted the world to be, and then they made their company project that image on the world.

Making money is a necessary evil to do such.

Capitalism isn't always about making money exclusively, it's about making money to do something.
They could use that money to further their own company's goals, as opposed to pathologically hording it.
+Ryan Light ,  I think it's rotten no matter who does it,  nothing but tax dodging.  

I just find it a bit ironic that the great "American"  company,  produces most of it's products with slave labour in China, then stores all it's profits in tax havens.    What do Americans get out of it,  a few thousand jobs in Apple shops???  

I'm no Android geek either +Corey Evans ,  I have nothing against Apple's products,  I just choose not to use them.  
But you iSheep  think Apple's shit don't stink and they can do nothing wrong.  Well tell me what's right about Slave workers and tax havens???
I almost think there should be a large tax on companies that pathologically horde cash, just to get them to reinvest it in themselves
+Jace Daniels I don't think anyone really questions the quality of the product. Products are good, business ethics are bad 
Well, +Ryan Light   if ya don't like it  why do you even have an account with Google+??  

Isn't there an iSocialNetwork  you can all use??  
well, I can name one company that doesn't only concern itself with profit.
+Jace Daniels Nexus 4 7 and 10 are not knockoffs

+Corey Evans Some businesses refuse to have unethical business practices because they're unethical, and the people who run those companies decide to not actively search for flaws in the system.

Yes, the politicians are partially to blame, but it's also the board of directors who make the company operate like it does. They theoretically could have morals, and operate ethically, they just choose not to.
Unfortunately it's the stockholders that force the board of directors to go for route of most profitability instead of route of best direction, often sacrificing long term gains for short term gains.

So the people it's the most at fault with, is the people who didn't disbar stockholders from being able to put a say in over their board of directors at their IPO. They could have put that into their contract.

Politicians could fix this, but the board of directors started it.
After Steve jobs... So far I haven't seen much innovation, just remarketing devices with lesser quality materials to lower costs. 
+Jace Daniels I hate to keep going back and forth but a business should, some don't, but should have morals. Its like last black Friday and having people work on thanksgiving. It's wrong. Companies with ethics closed so their employees can spend it with their families, others didn't care. Some companies are driven by greed, and apple happens to be one of them. 
The old man that kept money under his mattress never made anything off of it.
Maybe they should give the poor Chinese workers who build their crap a raise. Stingy corporate suckers.
I don't really care where they spend their money, just that they do.

+Jace Daniels hording is bad for everyone, they should be reinvesting in themselves with research, improving their own product, finding ways to cut costs ethically
They don't owe me anything or am I asking for anything. The mere fact that you say makes me think that you have no clue what this conversation is about. This company happens to be in the USA, but the same would hold true if it was from China, or any other country. I would hope they run it with them in mind, not me. 
Mama always told me not to let the world know when you have cash because then you'll get robbed......finds ski mask, grabs apple corer
Just like the belly fat on a lazy man.
+Jace Daniels the high tariff on imports

HAH, you must be kidding. High import tariff for goods sold here makes companies more likely to want to manufacture here.

They should be much higher

I don't understand what you mean by "If you negotiate a job and pay, then you either take the job or starve."

I don't like what I get paid for my job, but if I demanded more, I wouldn't have gotten my job, and I would have been in a very rough place.
Apple current state is result of their years of hardwork (Jobs' magic job, I believe)... they are in cashcow stage at the moment... there is market that still willing to pay their premium products. With that amount of cash, they surely can survive many years. But, with less innovative product launch in years to come in current mature smartphone market and tougher competition, it just a matter of time that Apple will start falter if they can't entertain market and their product will simply persive as expensive (without fun and innovative attribute)... then there will be change in management that will shake up the company... blah blah blah... just a natural company life cycle. Just a matter of time... iPhone 5S or 6 will be the indicator.
That cash is frozen in offshore accounts and cant be distributed in stock dividends due to Apple's tax dodging practices. 
no company should have that much $ EVER.    we must stop corporations from funneling the entirety of money into a few executives pockets.  or society could just stop using current monetary systems and laugh at the bigwigs with all their worthless dollars.
If only they could afford to bring jobs back to the U.S.
I suspect part of why Apple has so much cash is because they don't blow it on M&A froth.  They could buy lots of big companies with that money, by why should they?  (Anyone who says: synergy, go to the back of the room).

Large scale M&A, big companies buying big companies, happens because some execs want to exit and get rich (agency problem), because M&A lawyers need to make work for themselves before they get downsized out (more agency problem), or because some VCs are trying to exit (even more agency problem (it's an agency problem because, remember, VCs dont invest their own money).

It is almost never a good thing for the industry, for the technology, for the working employees, for for the long term value investors.
Matt V
Yet people are still starving in the world.
With all that cash, can they get back to innovating now?  iPhone 5s?  Seriously?  
+Sam Reid The only reason they were "innovating" (aka stealing) is because of Steve.. now that he's gone.. how are they gonna do that? All they have is suing everybody under the sun.
They have 13 year old girls, working 16 hour days, making .90 cents an hour making their I phones. Why don't they give something back to them!
Just another ads to counter the falling trend lately..
No shit! They keep suing everyone for money lol
+Jace Daniels Actually, if you scale minimum wage from that era to now, using inflation, it'd be almost 11$ an hour, not the 7.25 we have nationally
137.1 billion dollars in cash while 17 million kids go hungry in America every day. At least apple is helping the Asian kids by giving them jobs I guess. Fuck the least they could do is give out free apples to the starving kids here in America. 
Would everyone shut up about starving people.  That will never stop and this is a company not a charity.  If they gave away all their money, then where would they be?  Certainly all of their products wouldn't be so nice.

How about we say this, if everyone in America spared $1, there would be $311 million to help those in need.  Why is it always the rich's fault.
17 million starving kids in America? Should tell all the fat kids to share their Mcdolands! :D
need to give it to obama maybe he will leave my money alone
There is a video on YouTube on what did Apple invent they cannot find anything if someone send the maker of the video something that Apple invented you win a prize
lots of cash and few innovations? A contrast, eh?
Yeah, quit picking on Apple, why should they care about starving people, when they practically use slave labor to produce their products. They deserve their 137 billion! It's not their fault, the kids that produce their products live in dorms that are surrounded by nets to catch the kids that jump to commit suicide. I saw the whole story on 60 minutes.
I think Apple should buy Microsoft in the future. 
keep em coming isheeps
Hey money talks right ??
The irony is the 99% are solely responsible for their profits. 
just more money to feed their army of lawyers
They are going to need it if they can't continue to innovate
M Mosel
Some joke about saving all their extra cash for lawyers...
Ok,and the hungriest country in the world award goes too..........?
All this ; by over pricing a Chinese product....  
their products are good... stop complaining

Matt L
I'm happy to say that there is not Apple anything in this house and never will be
Riddle me this;
If a funnyschild had $6 billion in 1850, and made 7% interest on that wealth every year, would he then double his money every seven years?

Ask AIG ... $137 B isn't necessarily a TON of money like it may seem
Whattever the release people ll buy it . even a iblender 
Good for Apple, hopefully they'll invest in their ios and catch up with Android OS.

IPhone 8 (year 2015) Featuring: Widgets. \O/
Must be nice when so many people are out of work and struggling to make it and to put food on the put this on here.....nice....
If they're smart, they'll spend that money to increase capitalization.
A normal company with this amount of money would start giving it out in dividends. 

One thing to think about is that most of it is probably in foreign currency and can't be converted to USD in order to do anything useful with it. 
Good job, Apple. Now is good time to use some of that money to make innovative products. 
Let me ask you this? Would you trust any United States Bank?? Especially now since the U. S. Government has real time access to your account?? I would put my money somewhere else too... 
Don't get me wrong. I don't like Apple one bit. But I don't blame anyone keeping their money safe and in their own control. 
+Michael Panici Although they call it cash, it's still in the bank...  It's just valuation not in the form of assets, but rather, spendable 'cash'.  They certainly don't have an enormous vault with cart loads of paper though.
+Terry Pagel That is what analysts said for years to Apple and Steve Jobs disagreed. Apple has proven record of spending money where they really need to. 
+Giroutte Zero You don't know the first thing about money do you? Its not like that they have all that money stuffed under a mattress. It is invested in the businesses that aren't hiring you, or the banks that may eventually give you a loan.
Actually its 13.03 based on your info
Apple should use some of that to help get us out of debt. Haha 
The reason Apple needs all the cash-on-hand is to justify its over-valuation in the market.  You must realize Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy in the late 90s.  They got back to what they are mostly in part from an MP3 player, the iPhone, and now the iPad.  All of which now has SERIOUS competition and all of which are pissing all over their 'get what you can' price model.  If you look at the Android market share, the general consensus is that they just got too greedy, and without the enormous cash, their stock price would tank.  Their stock falling just 27% wipes out $137 Billion worth of valuation!  

So yes... They will most likely continue to stock pile cash. 
Scott,you win a prize,just pay a hundred dollars,and instant mail me on Facebook to get your reject 
I agree +Mark Ramos one is paying for something you like when there are so many options... the other is dependence :(
The US should pass a special tax on Apple (tax the rich) so we can start cutting our fiscal deficit.
Way to go Apple! iPhone 5 is the best smartphone yet. I can't wait to see the next version.

Heck the 1st iPhone beats any android out there.

Apple needs to stay away from battery draining crap like wigits and NFC.

The first phone I got was an EVO. I had to bring a charger to work because the battery would not last more than a few hours even with an app killer.
And people are dying of starvation. What a shitty workd we live in

If they are starving they need to get a job or plant a garden. Screw they lazy people.
That is the fleece from the backs of its iSheep!
+Corey Evans meh. One can find crap posts anywhere on the intertubez. It's not a G thang. 
they are filthy rich, I wonder what they are planning to do with all that money.. 
People are starving because its a choice they made. Instead of working and saving money they spend it before they get it.

I have almost enough saved that I could take a month off work and the interest would be what I make in a month.

Anyone that thinks a company should not save money is someone that is going to depend on tax payers when they get to old to work. That that of person is worthless to society.
Enough money to build their Emperial Death Star. 
Despite that huge amount, still greedy and try to kill its competitors? What kind of company is that? 
+Sirus Laia It's a company which was built on others innovation and illogical patents 
Thanks god that none of my money is in there......
They are going to buy Microsoft...
this just a steve jobs majic .no matter what apple launch d price of dat product is high and people will buy will gain more den what dey hav now.
the first iPhone beats any Android? you obviously haven't used 'any Android' or the first iPhone. I had a 3gs, that thing was crap. Sold it to some other sucker within a week. Minus a few Android qwerks I have liked all my Android phones. In terms of apps, however, Apple/iOS is waaaaayyyy ahead. Phone hardware, not so much.

I really wish people would stop calling out apple for abusing Chinese slave labor; find me an American electronics company that doesn't directly benefit from cheap Chinese labor! your (and mine of course) google phone sells for so cheap because of the same sweat and blood.

But costly in india make it cheap
Is it really good business to maintain reserves in such volume rather than deploying the funds into profitable projects.... Money makes money only if you use it properly, this is just lazy
And to think some of that money could be invested in poor countries... this is the stupid face of capitalism "To buried the Gold where it comes from, down underground"
Is there a -1 button?
Apple should consider the following business plan: Buy Vietnam and export frozen Pho and corner the knock-off Snuggie market.
Tanks allaha.for all of thing.
I always believe that Apple has an aggressive customers milking way. Their customers have the impression that they have the premium product, perhaps thay do but that does not justify the premium price. Look for example on the hardware specs at least of Sony Xperia Z and compare them with Iphone 5. You will realize that the Xperia Z ditches hs iphone 5 in every possible way.
It's ok for the company to make all those profits but people are suffering in the world,let some of those dimes be diverted to helping the poor.
Its called capitalism, otherwise it would be communism and we all know what kind of ragefit spazout you'll all be having about that.
Do something good with it. Spenf it on the working poor in the USA. 
lucky Apple is not an Australian company or it may be taxed extra on it's "super profits"
Let the Apple bashing begin. That's what Fandroid doing best. 
15% of the market, 75% of the profit. Apple users should injest these figures and think about the last time Apple sold you a bargain. For example lightning connector cable convenient upgrade? No its cheaper to make for apple, they dont care your equipment uses the old connector...but hey they know youll have to buy it
Spread some of that around you dickholes. Why do you think our economy is in the shitter? Because of greedy corporations like you!
strange management directive to sit on so much idle cash. why not pay out dividends to shareholders (so they see a return on investment), or spend more on r&d? maybe apple are getting ready to pay for all the lawsuits they will lose for copyright breaches over the next few years. they stole ideas and patents and they know it.
Hak An
I was wondering where all the money was gone after the global crisis...
Aaaaah, there you are...
Why the fuck are you telling me? I don't have any of it. How about lowering some of your dam prices.
I love how apple is screwing over its shareholders with this. The stock has fallen, what, 25% in 3 months? They could immediately put a stop to this by buying back some of their stock, or making the stock itself more attractive by actually paying a decent dividend. Their dividend yield is well below the average S&P500, despite Apple having a massive treasure chest.
holy shit you could feed a lot of starving people with that
This the Steve Jobs legacy...he was a great mind...too bad he was a poor judge of talent and left people who are a third of what he was in charge of his Genius creations...his dreams will die with and him alone...
APPLE is the biggest liar in the world...

They are trying to manipulate the market and everybody's mind.

I don't believe in the numbers they are saying now, they doctored it to show their stockholders & shareholders that there's no problem - EVEN THERE IS...

Apple never been honest...
If I had that kind of money lying around I would want to develop something more radical than a small tablet and a slightly bigger smartphone. No one appears to be asking the important question - what do you use these devices for? I would like to to see cloud devices appear like a 'home cloud' and a 'business cloud'
Please commentators i know it is easy to dimiss that 0.1 but we are talking billions here. 137.1billion, and that 0.1 = 100million, a vast sum to dismiss.
Does TechCrunch ever publish anything that doesn't have the obvious goal of puffing up Apple's share price?

How much did you guys invest?
APPLE has tons of paid analysts & technology sites to help them in sharing their lies...
They made the profit from there stupid followers and selling the new adapters. Now they should give stuff away free to show there appreciation. That I doubt.
And Google made 50 billion lol
And to think idiots made them that money.... 
Scott T
Apple should use some of that to help those poor people in the Congo that mine the various minerals for cellohones and the harsh conditions they deal with.
Guys i want dollar.can you help me please. Only 300 dollar
Apple are great at business, just like many other corporations in the world. It's just a shame they didn't choose to "think different" :)
True, but apple products are much more expensive, therefore the revenue is bigger on their part.
So those Bastards have that much money . Yet they cannot get Foxconn to give the Chinese better working conditions and higher pay. And you want them to bring the jobs back to America. Keep Dreaming
How long can Apple sustain this success? When will it end? Microsoft use'd to have this kind of dominance, and I had the same questions then.
This is perfect cause they are waiting for their own stock to fall so they can buy it cheap...then release the new iphone 6 and Applte TV set that is lanuch early 2014, so by then they will have $411 billion is cash...
Appltek---google spell check autocorrect not playing nicely
time give it to the share holders
Scott T
If Google charged for everything they offer, AND charged high prices, I'm sure they would have more cash in the bank than Apple. #goodguygoogle
Now Apple, Samsung and Google.

Later Apple, Sony,Samsung and Google. Don't believe me check the Sony xperia Z rate 91% out 100 WOW!
I hope they pay the appropriate tax on it instead of using tax evasion methods
Better buy a new phone before they go broke.
To bad is only their pockets cause they will not do any improvement on their shitty device
Better make it an Android, Apple might too poor to pay it's tech support guys =)
Ryan Ng
I bet it got 50% of that $137 billion from suing Samsung.
I bet a lot people wish they invested in Apple :)
As Apple didn't invent anything new since the iPhone 1, I presume a large part of the benefit comes from the inexistant R&D budget.
Right now apple is more of a retail than a tech company. 
Ryan Ng
Funny that the wealthiest company in the history of the world is never anywhere near the top of the "Best Places to Work" or "Most Charitable Companies" list.  How do they have such a ridiculous cult following?
For all the Hater-Droids out there. Apple is stronger than ever. Lol I bet some of you are saying wallstreet is lying and Apple is going down anyway LMFAO
Lol apple going down hill ......this is nothing but bs everybody knows that samsung is taking the lead so if they really have that kind of money they better save some for the raining days.....cause a big storm is coming their way... sgs4
+Albert Kinng What?  Do you disagree with me?  I never see them near the top.  Google and MS (their slightly less-wealthy competitors) are always near the top on both of those lists.
+Tim Beilfuss Innovation is not let different companies play with your OS. Innovation is build an OS that works just like common sense and makes your life simpler. Trying to learn the same OS in every different device is not Innovation. Android is good but try to teach someone with an Evo do the same you do on your Galaxy... It will be a pain in the ass.
I'd like to watch that episode of hoarders. 
+Albert Kinng If you stick to nexus devices your problem doesn't exist.

Google is a phone designer, remember that! They're just nice enough to let everyone copy them!
+Scott Rosenberg be real, the most Android phones sold are sold on retail or carrier stores. There are tons of people that doesn't know what a Nexus is. I love th Nexus but every time I mention it there is always one person who asks "what is a nexus?"
+Albert Kinng That's very true.  However, thankfully OEMs have gotten a little more wise recently and now most of their skins are pretty much the same.  Now it's just the icons that look a little different and maybe an extra feature here and there.  It wasn't that way a couple years ago.
Just because it is that way doesn't mean it should be
I think being Open doesn't means it need to be free like a jungle animal. Google needs to work on this and be more organized. Same GUI on all devices (with customization options always available) same updates dates on all devices and same features on all devices. It need to be like that if Google want to fix this problem.
Maybe they should make conditions better at Foxconn so we don't hear a story every other week about a revolt in their factories.
+Scott Rosenberg Android needs to be just one standard OS. Same rules and gui for every device. Thats what Im talking about
+Albert Kinng I couldn't disagree more.  That's like saying everybody just needs to have the same kind of house, same kind of car, same TV channels, etc.. The list goes on.  You start pulling for that team, and the whole world starts losing innovation, culture, and diversity.  Blah.  You can have the same GUI for all of your own devices all you want, but keep your paws off my constant need for change! =)  Android is anything you want it to be, and that's the beauty of it.
+Albert Kinng a lot of people use custom launchers from the app market

There is no reason any manufacturer that wants to do a custom manufacturer specific overlay couldn't use a standard android core, with an APK based custom overlay, instead of building a rom around it from scratch. The overlay and the android core would be separated at that point, and the overlay could be linked to android market for updates.

Updates would be just as easy as nexus updates at that point.
I get what Albert is saying - make base Android the same across the board, but then if people want to change, they can always install custom launchers and even roms if they want.  I'm honestly not sure which side I'm on.  At least the manufacturers aren't completely ruining Android with their skins like they were a couple years ago.
+Drew Nusser yeah! The same base OS on all devices! Then if you want to tweak it is up to you! Thats the perfect solution
I'm sure they have a Nexus coming themselves. (htc, samsung, LG, ... )  it's now appropriate at this point (and not seen as self preferential).
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