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A star is (re)born, the Lester Chambers story -
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What year did The Beetles become famous?
sad story... this is not that long ago, I do really hope they can get back on track!!
Quite the story. We've all heard this song... 
Great track I found on YouTube ' Time has come today '... Maybe put an ad on it and make some royalties now...
What the hell?? And the oodles and ooodles of sorry ass no talent having rappers making what the do?.....disgusting. sorry of luck with that. I HOPE YOU GET HELP WITH THAT!.
you got that right about the no talent rappers +Alan Ferrell , this guy really should not have to worry about crap like this at all. i will pray on this for him .
Derek M
Sounds like you shoulda stopped after the first album. 
Dude we feel fo ya...but derek is on the money.........1200 a month ul live,but should had you mind on you money back then., we hear of artist getting ripped off all the time you wont be the last
@dave olsen not talent rappers wow dude,talent is in the eyes of the people buying the music not dave olsen,its all about t.c.b and that the no1 rule 
Sounds like someone signed a shitty record deal without reading the fine print. 
The musician's struggle. Great story.
After this story record labels tell us not to pirate music...they call it stealing, so they are doing what with their artists?!?!?
+david olsen How about, instead of praying for him, which does NOTHING, you find a way to send the guy $10. Or get ten of your friends to each send him $1. 
Good luck, may god be on your side!
But if not, them give them HEII !!
A very similar story is the Goo Goo Dolls. They were initially a punk band, and did many albums. The record company kept making more records and spending millions promoting them, telling them they would hit at any minute. When they changed genres and recorded A Boy Named Goo the album hit multi-platinum, and the record company called in all the debts at once. They ended up playing every state fair and bar they could book to pay off the record company, then left to record Iris independently.
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