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OUYA to launch soon, but where are the games? -
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this console is pretty much fail ugly remote i might add such long handles but i like the slick design 
^ Reading this post above made my head spin. 

I have a friend eagerly anticipating this gadget. 
i prefer PC but currently play console on PS3, and i enjoy competitive games / multi player, something i just don't see this console bringing to the table. 
I guess TechCrunch missed the announcement about Ouya's CREATE dev jam where dozens of game developers created over 150 game prototypes over the course of 10 days. Where are the games? Oh, there they are.
AND I QOUTE 160+ games in 10 days, and the vast majority of them – inutile smartphone casual games, smartphone games wont attracted the gaming community i see this as another wii
I am going to buy one not only to play but to make my dumb hdtv smart. And about the article, it is poorly written. 
Sorry, +TechCrunch   I have to un-follow.  Your articles are consistently lacking of good information, facts or reasoning.
Also, according to the Ouya team, their SDK has been downloaded over 22,000 times.  If even a fraction of the people who have downloaded it actually make games, and only a fraction of those games are any good, that still equates to more good games than on the bigger consoles that have more closed development environments.
+Cesar Cruz The Wii was the best-selling console of its generation.  Just sayin'...
Romain Dillett maybe correct in his view of +OUYA in the future but personally I bought an +OUYA because of its potential and because it goes against the boring status quo. I'm looking forward to six months after its launch being a much more versatile piece of equipment plugged into my TV that I can hack around with. I also backed the +GameStick Console for this same reason.

+Cesar Cruz this doesn't sound like the right purchase for you, stick with whatever you're comfortable with. I don't think +OUYA is trying to convert people like yourself away from AAA titles but rather add an alternative for people like me that don't want to put hours into games, but just pick up and play something quick then walk away with little commitment. I enjoyed FarCry 3 and Hitman Absolution but it was an effort to complete them with my limited playtime.
Dood! I can't wait to get one! Looking out for the steambox too. Gaming is gonna be good with both of those in my house. (=
+Matt Burns Being front runner doesn't mean you have the best console.just saying as well
+Cesar Cruz As +Paul George said, the Ouya isn't apparently the console for you.  It isn't intended to compete in terms of hardware with the PS4 or XBox 720 or whatever the next iterations of the big consoles will be called.  If you think games need photorealistic graphics to be fun, then you're not in the Ouya's target audience.

But in the last few years, people have demonstrated that they don't think that way.  Call of Duty: Black Ops has sold about 25 million copies across all platforms since it was released over two years ago.  Angry Birds has 30 million copies in a single week this Christmas.  No one would really claim that Minecraft has great graphics but it's sold over 8 million copies, which is more than the vast majority of console games.

Games like Angry Birds and Minecraft wouldn't exist if the developers had the high barriers to entering the market that exist on the major consoles.  They were able to be developed, released, and become incredibly popular because they didn't have to pay a huge fee to be allowed to develop for the mobile and PC markets.  And those are the sorts of developers the Ouya (and other similar consoles like the Game Stick) hope to attract.  People who have great ideas for games that would never see the light of day on the major consoles will be able to develop console games for the Ouya, rather than being limited to developing for mobile devices or the PC.
This is going to be great for kids and casual gamers and for that price I am defo getting one!
+Matt Burns well said, but the way i see it those games don't take skill they are pretty strait forward and easy for people to play that's why they are so successful  less skill more fun its like a hand me down . just my opinion
+Cesar Cruz Those were just examples of games that have been remarkably popular but that don't fit the big console developers' idea of what a good game should be.

The Ouya should be capable of graphics roughly on par with the XBox 360.  (I've seen a demo of Borderlands 2 being run on a tablet that uses the same chipset.)  And since the Ouya is a dedicated console, there's no reason we can't have games for it like what we're used to seeing on other consoles.  The length and complexity of games would only be limited by the Ouya's storage capacity (which isn't really a limit, since it can use external storage).  If you look at the list of prototype games that were developed during the CREATE dev jam a few weeks ago (, you'll see a huge variety of different types of games, including shoot-em-ups, fighters, shooters, RPGs, strategy games, and platformers. 

(And yes, a lot of them look like crap, but keep in mind that these are prototypes developed in under 10 days.)

A few that I think have potential are Color Thief (something like Epic Mickey, but with stealth), Mech Squad (a lot like Mech Warrior), Neon Shadow (4-player splitscreen multiplayer FPS), Operation Giant (over-the-shoulder brawler), Sky Arena (sort of like a 4-player splitscreen Star Fox), Steampunk Showdown (basically a steampunk-themed Twisted Metal), and Television (a minigame based adventure?  It looks kind of cool, whatever it is). 
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