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Microsoft and Google are at it. Again.
On Microsoft's public policy blog today, Microsoft VP & Deputy General Counsel Dave Heiner has a post complaining about YouTube's lack of support for its mobile platform and how that affec...
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Microsoft is hilarious!
Do they forgot how they used illegal actions to destroy Netscape and others.... Google on the other hand, is one of the most trustworthy brands around, and they deserve the title.
+Daniel Junior Actually, AOL destroyed Netscape, not Microsoft.
If you think Google mining your data is "trustworthy", you have too much faith in Corporations.
I think it works the other way around... Google is the owner of Youtube, they decide what they do with what they own... Isn't that the way MS has been living since... the first day? Corps. being corps.
+Robert Stiles Netscape was sold to AOL after MS used illegal (really illegal) tactics to take it to bankruptcy. MS was investigated and found guilty and it almost got dismembered for doing so, if you dont remember.
I don`t trust "corporations", I trust 1 co. and it`s Google and it has never let me down.
Yes, they embedded IE in Windows. It's old news. 
Netscape wasn't bankrupt. They were just bought by AOL and died off.
Google has access to your email, your searches, your browsing data, your location, your G+ data and your documents (assuming you use all of their products). 
It's a bad idea for any Corporation to have that much information.
Holidays are over! Starting today again, I look after two little kids, plus my own. Same thing.
Funny to see how the company blocking chrome on metro and Linux on all computers is whining about fair access. Microsoft can go blow it out of their rear.
"embedded IE"? MS went to the OEMs and threatened them not to ship Netscape on their products, for one.  
And all that information is on very capable secure trusty hands that handles all that in an ethical way and, as you mentioned offers in return great services for free.
So as long my info is with a company I trust i dont loose sleep over it. 
+Robert Stiles There's a huge difference between having access and keeping data...
get rid of your tin foil hat...
I'm afraid some folks' recollection of history is a bit flawed. Netscape was all but dead when AOL bought it, which they did for the brand name value alone. The Netscape browser marketshare was down to about 24% by mid 1999 when AOL bought it—which they did for the brand name value and the customer data, not the actual software (which was open sourced by then and run by Mozilla).

That being said, the idea of "trusting" Google with personal data is about as comical as it gets, IMO. And I agree with +Robert Stiles that it's bad for any corporation to have as much info as Google does.
I use Google services, so I trust Google. Trust & awesome Freewares are the things that binds me with this company!...and trust is a personal experience and should not be crowd sourced!
LOL.. Like Microsoft's lack of support for its products on other operating systems. Cough! Cough! (Silverlight(aka Netflix), Office). Im hearing that tiny violin again.
And not just Google apps but also Firefox, Opera and others.
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