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Do you use health gadgets like Nike+ FuelBand and Fitbit?
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I wish I could remove Nike from my iPhone for good. 
I use MyTracks from Google - with Bluetooth headphones though - don't know if that counts.
I have a Nike+ FuelBand... not that impressed really. It looks good and tracks steps just fine but it's far from feature rich like the Fitbit and no-way close to the upcoming Amiigo.  Very underwhelmed.
I would like to start using Fitbit because it's all I hear about.  I used to use Nike+ but I just don't like their web interface anymore and I don't feel like the app is ever "right". 
Just ordered an Jawbone UP, on the 2nd.  Hasn't shipped yet sadly.
I got my +Jawbone Up for Christmas and I love it. I'm getting more sleep, moving more, and I've lost 3 pounds so far!!
fitbit one and the aria scale.  so far so good.  setup is reasonably quick and easy, website and iphone app are pretty clean and intuitive, but I've only used it for about a week.  also, I haven't tried the others, so I don't have a good comparison.
It doesn't matter if they use them or not, what matters is whether they buy them or not.
The bigger question becomes what changes does one make after they buy one. What do you do with the data? Does one take meaningful actions when they see how sedentary they are or how many calories they have eaten (if they log food).
I have a fitbit. I got it for Christmas. Works great. Lots of features and I haven't even added any friends to make it social.
if they were cheaper, but sounds like the new fitbit will be the way to go, i think it's only $100 if i read correctly
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