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Remember when the iPhone 5 was the latest iPhone? Yeah, it might be replaced real soon.
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Will be three inches longer, right???
Lmao. If this is true,its more proof Apple loves screwing over their customers. New ipad,ipad mini,iphone 4s,etc...
yes really+ that way they can make an ipad or a ipod that uses the all the iphone 5 components. Im both Glad and Upset that this year was the last year for the upgradeable MBP. Good thing 17" was free.
xen hao yap
Don't mean to sound like fan boys of either side of the ongoing war but if this is true, it's really fucked up.
I think this is a bogus story. Rumors being spread to make people not want to purchase the iPhone 5. Cheap tactics 
Always thought that the best cycle was 6 months, well for customers. But the shorter the life cycle, the higher the costs. Apple was asked to work on it's profit margin. It's not looking well.
[tin foil hat] This rumor was started to give tech news sites link bait.
sales of the 5 are that bad? I guess they want to include features that should have been on the 4S before the iPhone becomes completely (instead of mostly) irrelevant.
Only Android can release more then one phone a year! Law sue !!!! 
Rumour: tech sites report more credible news and less rumors created to ruffle feathers and garner hits.
This can't be true. Apple can't be that evil surely.
Talk about "dangling the carrot" for the donkey lol...they could have released all the new planned stuff in the iPhone 5 but apple love to keep u buying....

It's like the series "lost"...somit new every series :]
Mr. Cook already release the apple maps before they were ready.
Hard to believe they are going to have an earlier release date for new technology
Arnold Moran
Yawn... Galaxy note 2 will still rape it. 
It actually makes sense.

Any tech company needs to keep moving forward. Add in the fact that #Apple appears to be headed on a downward spiral in both their market share and market value, they more than most have to continually update the same old tired design frequently JUST to give the markets the impression that they are not only still current but also still relevant in todays climate.

I guess it was only a matter of time before the 1 phone/tablet/music player philosophy started to bite. Sticking all your eggs in 1 basket is fine as long as no-one comes and sits on it! And #Samsung have certainly done just that!
Is it going to be innovative this time?
Ali Ahmad
They might as well bring out the 6S with the garbage that the 5 has been, and the 5S will be. Ill pass in this. And while they are at it release the iPad 4 and add Flash? What a crock. Love seeing you Apple fan boys/girls getting pissed at Apple for their inferior products yet you tools still pitch your tents and wait in line for the same garbage. 
+Nino Novak That image you posted is actually a really interesting pic for one good shows the consumer has a choice. And who doesn't like choice eh?

I would personally hate to be so deeply entrenched into ANY system IF that meant I could only choose from 1 bog-standard design!
There are a couple of reasons for Apple to go this route. First, the competition is moving ahead much more rapidly than a once a year refresh can keep up with. Second, more frequent updates will smooth out their sales as people will be less likely to wait around for three months for the next iPhone if they are coming out every six months.

Car makers do yearly updates to the same basic chassis for four years or more before doing a major update. Apple could be planning to do the same thing, though likely on a shorter cycle since technology moves fast.
* Que
Ok I'm rejecting Apple ..
Expected this since they released the new iPad last month.
I don't think so, I put too much money in iPhone 5. Also, if you see the history of iPhone, you will see that they make a new model each year it depends June or September . So I believe it is not true. :)
+Nino Novak +Riki Ballantyne
A lot of those products are the same, just on different carriers.

So, in general, divide that number by 3.
Samsung also releases different quality devices. You can't really compare a low end device that's released the same time as a high end...
This time I guess it would be 100% all features of Android OS. 
they know fanboys will buy anything
And it will be just an inch bigger than iPhone 5....and slimmer offcourse...
Its coming to fast!
apple sucks.they tried 4 a jobs was greedy and abused people to get apple where its at.and he died too.
Why are people surprised at this?? The isheep will always buy the new product regardless of when it comes out. If I was the CEO of Apple, I would do the very same thing.
Should the 5S change to iOS 7 ( iPhone 5 currently running on 6.0.1)
Bringing to you iPhone 5S! Hate that purple shit on the iPhone 5 camera? Well not anymore.

$899 Unlocked for 8GB
People calling this evil? Lol like u HAVE to buy it... Fucking sheep!
It's this kind of.possibility that makes me glad I made the jump to Android rather than upgrading my iPhone 4
It would make sense, since the iP5 didn't bring enough "goodies" to customers in order to be sufficient for an "one year cycle"
I hate the iphone,but i hate iphone lovers much more
What would they possibly add? The phone itself is fine despite its odd screen ratio. It's the os that needs a fixing
I'm sure they'd like to get the LTE to support internet while talking on the phone.  
Where do I line up? Baaaaaaaa..
An alternative for Apple to defeat Sammy's Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II
I am posting this comment with the iPhone 5
We all do +Jack Ford .
But I think Apple's customers won't be happy about that.
Spending so much money for a device that will be outdated after a couple of month.
It's amazing seeing how many haters there are. Kind of sad, actually.
There are more features of the Galaxy SIII that they need to they can file another lawsuit.
Yes, looool.
The patent war is not over yet.
+Kevin Robinette Who cares if this story is true or not. Let's promote it into the hot circle so we can make more jokes about how much Apple stinks. Everyone begin Appke bashing.... NOW! Oh wait, I'm late to the party. 
Hopefully they'll fix all the bugs in the iPhone 5, add nfc, and make it a tad wider. And do a better job on the paint that covers the aluminum body.
People need to read the article that actually says the source of this is, "[t]he Commercial Times, and it’s being spread by Digitimes, the supply chain-focused publication that’s a frequent, and fairly unreliable source of rumor and speculation". Question stories and challenge articles like this that may only be serving to spread rumors and opinions from those based on actual facts.
they need to come up with a loyalty program fast, else a lot of people will be jumping ship soon.
Apple sure does know how to piss customers off
+Randy Sagoo Does anyone think Apple will stay competitive with Android based phones and tablets? Right now they account for over 75% of shipments. There are more choices, more afforardable, customizable, and perform the same if not better. 
iSheeple already lining up with more cash to hand over to Apple!!
The new iPhone 5S: Fuck you early adopters. 
How is it "screwing" people that bought iPhone 5? The iPhone 5 will operate the same when the next version comes out. Welcome to the world of technology. Back in he 80s and 90s you would buy a computer for $4,000 and it would be obsolete in a month.

People need to break the cycle of needing to have the latest and greatest all the time.

Its OK not to have the newest model.
Queue the angry apple nerds who will be upset because they won't have the newest iPhone anymore
My old iPhone made a great support under my table leg!
They are trying to counter declining interest in their closed device ecosystem.  How about the iOS Open Project, where iOS devices can be used in real, practical ways to solve everyday problems?
Cause the Samsung S4 will eat their lunch..
If only they had this kind of update cycle for the macpro's
Hahaha. if that happens it would amuse me. I know so many fanbois who time the resale of their "old" gadgets, so having an unpredictable update cycle will mess with their plan on always having the latest and greatest.

But more interesting to me is that it means the iPhone is now just another commodity, Status is gone and this will mean Apple will need to get really inventive. Can only be good for the consumer really.
Their best bet would be to have a lower spec and cheaper phone, so they can try to get penetrate the mid-level smartphone market 
The 5s better do something cool........... like turn into a Android phone.
They know they can't get it right that's why. They are constantly missing something and "needing" to compete. Apple can't stand to be behind the times. 
just one more thing to show that apple see's the writing on the wall: They are quickly becoming less relevant.

Take note: I didn't say they are, I said they're becoming. The also-ran Mini and rehashed same thing only different v5 is only step one. This will be the third time they've done this.
Knowing Apple only invest less than 2% of their budget in R&D (in comparison of 12 to 16% on other brands), the changes would be ridiculously minors, or just aesthetics.
Maybe a iPhone with less stock, "out-of-the-box" scratches? 
I'm done with Apple hand held devices.  These things are too 'managed' for my likes.  It feels as if it's on lease from Apple.  I can download apps and sort them onto a grid of app-buckets over a background of my choosing...  Weee...  Personal device user interfaces should be more, you know, 'personal'.
Typical Apple. Have People Spend $500+ On A Device, Only For It To Be Obsolete Months Later.

Thank God I'm On Android. 
Don't chase the latest,be contended what you have. You'll be the loser if you chased it,technology is very fast.
People who have bought iPhone 5 should ask for rebates from apple, if they are launching iPhone 5s.
It is completely different, it has an "S" on it!
+Jayy Williams Android started the trend. The Samsung Galaxy SIII released just months ago and is not obsolete thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note II that just released. If that wasn't bad enough Samsung is also announcing the Samsung Galaxy SIV in February. Looks like the two are, again, jerking around the consumers so they can play their immature little game.
I've had an iPhone 5 for about a week now and I'm happy with it. It's small, lightweight and does everything I need it to do. I don't get why people are bashing the iPhone so much, I mean, it's just a phone at the end of the day, and a very slick looking phone at that. I was going to go with the note 2 initially but it's way too big for my needs, although I can see why some people would choose it over an iPhone, for its functionality. If there is an iPhone 5s around the corner, I'll be taking a pass on it, as I think this smartphone "war" is getting a bit silly now. Choose a phone you like and use it.
Ryan R.
Imagine a 4.7 inch iPhone 5S with the same width as the iPhone 4/4s/5.
Apple needs to concentrate on iOS enhancements. It's become a little old hat.

Lol when they cant even ship the 5 to stores or their customers. Thats how you know they are money hungry!
Ryan Ng
Next is the iPhone 6, i iPhone 6N,  iPhone 6S,  iPhone 7, iPhone 7W, iPhone 7E, iPhone 7N, iPhone 7S, iPhone mini, and iPhone 8.
It's good news if you were thinking of switching to apple and you want to find somebody willing to unload a 4s or 5 real cheap because they've got upgrade-itis.
Yaaaaaay ( ̄ー ̄)
Galaxy Note 2 blows any other phone/tablet away at the moment. The most functional mobile device I have ever owned. Samsung is going for function and then form which is how it should be. I'll pas on the tiny screens from Apple and the others. The Wacom tablet type stylus for real input options along with true multitasking and speed is what seals the deal for me. Oh and the battery lasts a long time as well.
they need to just put a A6x in the iPad mini, a lte radio, and a retina display. They could call it the iPhone 5XL
Perhaps  we should just be happy with whatever model we have that meets our needs and divorce our cell phones from our status and self esteem. I am still using a 4 and doing fine.
Great. I would then be able to get a 5 for just $100 and then just update the software and it will be the same and I don't know why people don't like new phones anyway. There is a new android device almost every month. Why y'all upset?
My Samsung galaxy S2 even came with nfc, just had to flash a Rom to enable it. When I see an iPhone these days it looks like a nano. Compared to the Note 2 it will look like a chiclet.
Hahaha They just realized their iphone 5 just sucks so they're going to release the same phone but they add an S to it. 
5s already? There'll be a lot of iPhone 5 owners screaming with that news.
Sticking with my galaxy s3, note 2 & iPhone 5. I got what i need for now. 
Not starting the inevitable phone fight, but is Apple halving their typical cycle (IF it's true) an admission of playing catch up? 
um, no those products are completely different for different needs.
Inasmuch as I am an Android fan, most customers of that platform end up with a phone that features the latest hardware but an obsolete OS on the date of purchase itself... unless they happen to be getting a newly announced Nexus phone... which [sadly and] inevitably ends up as an underwhelming product with muffled cries for attention!
How does this screw iPhone 5 users? Does every new android phone screw those who already own one? Never got that logic...
Apple sucks so hard. One more way to screw the customer.
i have what makes me happy. that is all i need..
the iPhone is overrated now,Android phones are killing the iPhone.
Apple has to pay for all the lawsuits somehow 
Apple isn't releasing crap unless a feature is gonna totally put 5s in holy standards!
The wow factor of 5 didn't meet apple sales standards. 1. Mature people don't upgrade as fast as the kiddies. so folks like me are still in love with 4. unless they change the whole package. i was thinking of switching to a windows phone! i know some apple fans just dropped out they chair! but i said (thinking) lol hmm! lol
just my opinion 5 sales are good in this day and age!
Goodie! I can't wait for Jony Ives to tell us "it's the best iPhone evah!" 
I don't really understand how "more and better products" equals "screwing over their customers". What if the computer parts market was like that? Imagine if we didn't have a multitude of processors and graphics cards and memory units with various size/performance/PRICE/etc. People would get very upset. You are just mad because you don't have the latest and greatest anymore. But please don't tell Apple to stop making better and better products faster and faster! Don't try to inhibit growth and advancement! If they produce better faster, all that's going to happen is you will get an EVEN BETTER product next time you do decide to upgrade.
So let me guess there are going to put on the 5s everything thing that the s3 has and note 2 lol I was every very disappointed in the iPhone 5 this year and an apple. Don't get me wrong I love apple and still a big Apple fan I switched from my 4s to s3 and now have a note 2 right now I'm absolutely in love and happy with all the technology and things that I'm able to do with my new Android there's no reason why Apple to not be doing the same as what im able to do on a s3 or note 2
I used galaxy 3 then galaxy 5. And now i m using galaxy s plus.. If you are using any android then you have to face some problems if you would not restart it and not restore it once in 3 to 4 month it. If you would not do that then you have to face freezing problem.... But with apple iphone there no any f**king problem it work great even after 5 month without restarting and never have to restore ever.. Its work great after 100 of app 1000of songs and 1000of photos apple is great one
I have a couple of questions. Is the premise here that a product produced is a product that has to be purchased by every human alive? Is the premise that progress is annoying? Is the premise that humans get angry if someone else has a slightly newer phone? And is the premise that the source of each of these problems is the company producing the products and not the actual consumers and their childish attitudes?
The best thing to happen to iPhone 5 since iPhone 5.
I wouldn't mind seeing this happen just to see people's reactions... 
Apple was once innovative now they seem to be playing off their name.
Wow, I'm shocked! I never imagined that there would be a new version of the iPhone after this one O.o

As an iPhone 5 owner, my reaction would be "That's cool, my phone is working fine, and I'm not due for a contract upgrade for another 20 months."

What people don't seem to realize is that it's the Android fans that are obsessed with the speed of this or the size of that or how many of those, or who's what is faster than who's.  iOS users just enjoy their tech.
I guess they need to speed up their releases so they can up the profits a little, before they go under! :)
For years Apple has been rationing new features. Now they're playing catch up
So far behind Android's OS now, does it matter? Agreeing with +Raynard Atkins. Even if it's not true, this last go around was a big "Bend Em over, take it raw & hard" to their loyal customers. 
You're still holding it wrong. 
Trying to keep up the tech Joneses! Keep your what works for you and quit worrying about what is coming down the line.
"Do we get to bump them this time?"
Just a rumor, judging by their previous sales tactics, they would wait for the sales to drop before introducing new product on the line.
Wow cant hardly wait.....THIS IS GOING TO B THE BEST PHONE YET..........
i feel sorry for people who bought new iphone, or upgraded......
So glad I am not an apple person, horrible outdated monopoly.
Why am i not surprise? I saw this coming when they were announcing the 5.
+Ben Davis - That's why android fans line up for blocks at the android store to get the latest android phone... no wait.. that's the iphone.  I think some iOS users are obsessed with getting the latest tech, and will be annoyed that their shinny iPhone 5 is obsolete only 4 months in.
LOL, is Apple going to release new versions of iPhone faster than Mozilla releases new versions of Firefox?

If that's the case, I think that iSheep will go bankrupt really fast.
Well if that's true, it's just fucking irresponsible, & I hope apple fall down & roll straight to hell, the bastards? Of course this all depends on this being a rumour? & if it is please accept my sincere apologies
People just love articles about Apple and they love to bash it. Why does the subject of Apple garner so much passion in people? Anyways this article will have 10,000 posts before it's over
In related news: Apple fan boys/girls are frantically putting their iPhone 5's on ebay in order to buy tents and make a down payment on a $900 phone with technology from 2008. Maybe Apple will move the damn power button from the top of the phone to the side where people mostly hold their phone? Ease of access? Apple? Nah. Mocks the commercial of the thump moving from one end of the iPhone screen to the next as "common sense" doesn't it? Oh amd by the way that was a selling point??? Thumb moving from one spot to the next??? Pitch your tents!!!! 5S WITH SUPER DUPER FANTASMO MEGA SPECTACULAR RETINA DISPLAY!!! YAY! 
I feel like apple already has the iPhone 10 already but they are just messing with consumers limiting them to unpublished technologies 
The IPhone used to be a niche market.  It was innovative and 'cool' as well as a great business tool and there was only one product so they had a sort of monopoly. Now, however, Android and Microsoft have caught and indeed passed up Apple in the innovation department.  With so many different smart phones, each with features that have a slight innovative edge over similar models, the smart phone has become a commodity. The way to compete here is to have a product that is either better or different.

Apple has a real dilemma on their hands because if they start following the Google model, they risk alienating a portion of their core users who want a new model every year or every other year and don't want to feel like they have an 'old' and 'un-cool' phone.  On the flip side, if they don't push out new models faster, they risk falling behind the fast pace of innovation and their product looks 'old' and 'un-cool' anyway.  That has already started to happen as indicated by the S3 being the current top phone in the marketplace.
as soon as iPhone 5S is out - BAM! iPhone 6S is out...
And the funny thing is, there are idiots out there who will be quick to abandon their iPhone 5 for the 5s.
NFC, double the RAM, better screen, cheaper ? Oh no that's the Nexus 4 :-) 
+Jan Ingolf Kleppe - LOL, they will call it the LighningTWO connector, shaped like a + sign and can be inserted one of FOUR different ways ... HAHAHA
+Ben Davis I would say it's any uneducated consumer (iPhone or Android) that complains about a new device coming out to quickly or has buyers remorse. As far as being "obsessed" with specs, why should computers and electronics be different than cars or appliances? There are going to be those who validate their purchases with numbers and those that simply scream "Gimme that shiny thing". I know plenty of iOS/Apple users that don't simply "enjoy their tech" but feel the need to assert that their device is the better one without solicitation. I don't know a single Android user who has seen my phone and been "that's lame, mine is better" but I'm sure their out there somewhere.
Like we need another iPhone so soon after the last one. Consumerism is all consuming. The credit card companies love it and you have to live it! So many of  the 98% lugging around these new toys which is kind of ironic.
Meh. It will never be as good as a high end Android device. 
This is pathetic, if any of Apple's consumers buys this, surely they're delusional and don't realize they're being milked for every penny they have. Down with Apple, Embrace Android.
Rumor perpetrated by Google and Android users, i phone 5 sales cease immediately to 0! HAHAHAHA
I think the 5s is true.people made rumors that there was gonna be an iPhone 5.and the rumor is real apple created an iphone 5
You dont have to have every phone they bring out...
Jay A
even if its 5S or 6, the next best thing is ALREADY here.
You too can have the latest overpriced shiny piece of crap for a mere 500 bucks a week
I new this would happen, loving my switch to HTC One X 
And that is why, I own a flip phone. It can still call, text, take picture, what more could I ask for? Many people buy apple products because of the brand. I'll admit, apple is sleek, modern, and very simple, but they don't need to be coming out with a new version of the IPhone or IPad every year. Pretty soon, the IPhone will be able to make you dinner and the iPad can be used as a bathroom.
Why are we putting such credence in speculation?!?! 
I kicked apple out ...
Welcome for Samsung. .
+Josh Hall the big difference is the Android OS is redistributed by different Telco's and Manufacturers. THEY change the OS. In Apples case they release an UPDATE by requiring you to BUY an new piece if hardware every 6 months. When the fact is the changes are so minor Apple could just send a patch to update, but instead discontinue product lines as well as support for them. People buy warranties and then they are basically useless UNLESS they buy the new product and are credited. I see Apple faces a big loss in the next year as their products become devalued by other companies who truly are invented new things.
Why do they want arw money so BAD????
Galaxy S3 here
Like a boss
So much better than apple
If you have seen the galaxy S3 advertisement, then you know the next big thing is already here
Siri is nothing special, whe have s voice and skyvi
Yes! I've been getting a little bored with my ip5.
Its game on for Windows and Blackberries. No Steve no apple, with Cook only apple recipes.
Before you know it, they will start going even closer to android and then raise th price by another $100 every day
Getting ready to take the consumer's money again, but sooner now. They are good at doing that. 
Someone actually made the comment that this is Apple's way of screwing their customers. This is the most jack-ass statement that I have read in a while. I don't hear anyone saying that car manufacturers are screwing their customers because they roll out new models every year. I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 1 and they still work fine. I don't feel the need to go out and update just because there is a new version on the streets. The decision to purchase or upgrade is totally in the hands of the consumers. Just because there will be another new phone with new features doesn't mean my devices will no longer work. Grow up people and be happy with what you have or lay down your money for the next best thing but stop complaining about Apple's production cycles. Would you be happier if they waited 2, or 3, or maybe even 4 years between models? Somehow I think you would bitch about that too. 
+Daniel Sneckenburg - because of their relentless attempts at stifling competition and because the methods that have chosen to use is destroying technological innovation outside of any but the biggest technology companies.
Just more apple bull. I love it though. The Isheep speed millions on a device that is only further refined with a n update and they buy that one too. NFC chip or widgets or some lame shit everyone else is doing. I thinking is funny that Apple is now the step child of phones anymore. Yes they sell a shitnload but they have a customer base when is going to but anything Apple anyway. 
I find it shocking they can even count to 5
Sounds like typical Apple business. There's already been leaks that they're in production of a retina display screen for the mini too.
saving up for the apple 10
Apple brand sells! People will buy even if its just a repackaging. This is the only way they will keep profits. Innovation still lacking!
Google+ or fAndroids is always talking about iPhone... hahaha 
U would have to be stupid to buy apple
+Nino Novak nice try Nino. But Samsung gives a variety of phones for customers who can't afford or need the top of the line. When u look at there top of the line the turnover is not as bad as you make it seem. words like variety in choice seem lost on Apple iPhone users.
Android releasing phones every month is not a problem but if iPhone makes a new phone... whoaaa.. BIG NEWS..

what about Samsung.. Note1, S3, Note2, S3 Mini, Galaxy Beam, Player and some cheap phones.. is released in one year and not big deal..
I think the iPhone is better than Samsung because Samsungs r slow and laggy and lots of people buy it and think it is not as good. Samsungs sales might be better but the phone isnt as good. They should make it better seriously.
Apple needs to go on trial alright! By giving the government access to their phones to shut down their camers, phones, and to record private conversation without consent!
Apple is just trying to keep up with technology. I phone5 is behind the s3 and that is turning into old news. Note 2 , htc1x+ blows the doors off the I phone 5.
I had all the iphones except the iPhone 5. I tried the Samsung Galaxy SII and loved it. I want the best of both worlds. I need a Samsung Galaxy Note2 or S3 but I also want an iPhone 5 or 5s. Maybe I should just get the best of both worlds. 
iPhone 5 is not expensive enough so they'll release a super expensive iPhone 5S
Damn ill go 4 dem galaxy 3 dis fone rocks d iphone 5 too much restrictions 
Really? ^^ your grammar and spelling is atrocious.
So when they will start manufacturing iPhone which will compete wid galaxy s3...I guess in 2015...hope the size will galaxy note siege;)
To ALL the people slating Samsung or Android in regards to newer phones coming out I will say this - My HTC Desire that was released in 2010 is running Jelly Bean! Yes, the latest flavour of Android with ALL the bells and whistles and it runs pretty damn well! Galaxy S2 is running, yes you guessed it, Jelly Bean! My old iPhone 3Gs? Sold because while it COULD be made to run iOS 6 it was missing most of the features to make it usable!

That is the point most Apple users fail to realise and that is why I will never own another iDevice.
However much I may dislike Apple... I'll have to come to their defense on this one.  The hardware cycle has accelerated, so it isn't entirely their fault that they are doing this; I can see that things are going to have shorter periods between them for the next several years at least.
but im using an iphone 4s and i dont see any difference... still a phone
I just hope that Samsung doesn't follow apples plans and release the galaxy s4 too early 
PH Lee
Apple goes on for not much new
wj va
Apple needs to make up its mind on new products. If you own the iphone 5 you feel like you just got told you dont have the latest phone.
can not keep up with all this tec it is going to fast 
Apple fanboys when will you learn. If you keep on buying, they'll keep on churning them out. It'll be one a week soon
Guy Gab
well the iphone 5 has 2011 specs so the 5s should have 2012 specs when it is released in 2013!! whoooopie
Apple needs to stop with the every six months routine.  If they really wanted to make money why not lower the price of their Mac Books to compete with mainstream laptops.  If they did that they would outsell everyone.  Currently their price point is so astronomically high it's ridiculous.
Wow...My 4s is Kool...
5s will be Sweet...
Letz get it...
Need more colors beside
Black and white....(like a Movie)
Why would they replace it

is perfect the way it is
its just a rumors guys well if this is true good luck to apple
Another row of apps, here we come! 
And the rape continues. You would think they would at least offer free cans Vaseline with each purchase...
Let's take an iPhone 5, claim new features and stamp an s on it
I wonder how many lines would 5S's changelog contain.. like.. 3?
Ridiculous given the fact that they can't even supply 5's. 
The phone won't come out till the middle of next year if not later, people need to stop complaining, androids are released a lot sooner then this
Oh FFS.  Buy a piece of tech because it's what you need and what does the job...not because you need some status symbol as having the latest and greatest.
Hey techcrunch please ban me or something so that I can stop receiving your boring news feed...i much prefer reports from Android Authority or any other except from your team.
iPhone 5 was a disappointing offering, same for the iPad mini
I have had I phone's since day one. Today I am posting from a Note 2. The Samsung tech is far suoerior to the iphone5 sitting on my dresser. I have both and there is NO redeeming apple features. FACT
I don't understand why people think Apple is screwing their customers. We all know new tech coming out every 3-6 months. You don't buy every new model that's coming out. People with 2-3 years old model will likely to upgrade. I will be happy to get the 5S since I am still using the 4.
hey sooooo i have a 3rd gen ipad for sale if anyone in the dallas/addison area wants one
What is that?
If you think that I am stupid then good
why make another bad item in a brand, it is a waste of money, to buy AND sell unless you plan to break it in to tiny pieces and go against apple so, yh.   I hope you don't like this
How would this be bad for customers? This is great. Keep the new stuff coming. From every brand. Who on Earth loses sleep over the idea that their latest 'toy' will be inferior to a new one at some point?'re just a talking monkey on a round spaceship flying through space!

I wonder if apple could sue themselves over a patent infringement that they already own? The resulting huge settlement could then be paid to themselves tax free.......they could then have screwed the customer, the IRS and themselves, and come out of it very much richer!
Bent over apple is going in for another round
This is y you go android more bang for buck and you don't get shunted after you give p your hard earned cash
remember what fruit Eve was tempted to eat
Iphone5 s? Really. Are they adding Siri to it again? This sounds bogus. At least call it Iphone6 
I think everyone needs to calm down. This is a rumour. I see less outrage about someone being killed on our streets...

This is probably about the time they start testing the next iteration anyway, ready for tweaks at the start of the new year and builds.

You can all stop crying in to your coco pops.
Here comes more miniscule updates...
^ coco puffs*
yes there are coco pops, but coco puffs is the saying
I don't care that much, I'have a nexus4 
Hurry apple morons start getting in line for the same shit u just got...
Kinda like when Samsung came out with the Galaxy Skyrocket after the Galaxy S2. 
The <insert adjective here>est iPhone yet! (examples: "tall", "pricey", "stupid")
See you when we're done eating our jelly beans.
Apple seems to be following the industry instead of the other way around. What would Steve say?
The oatmeal's Apple cartoon springs to mind !
This isn't news. Updating and revamping iOS will be. And that is what is needed. Now!
Oh great...... Let me guess....... The iPhone 5s, iPhone 5x, iPhone 5z and iPhone 5M (mini with a 3.5" screen and the same specs as the 4s but cost twice as much). Pretty much sure apple will call this process "Revolutionary", patent it and gain millions more from Samsung who just can't seem to be satisfied with a few "Galaxy" products....... I mean seriously? Galaxy Express? Galaxy Stratosphere? Galaxy Camera??? Wtf Samsung! I'm afraid to upgrade my galaxy SII cause I don't know which is the best anymore..... 
I'm in Bali I could no imagine how stupid it would be having a iPhone 5 and trying to find a sim for it - fk that!!! 
Hence the reason I waited to buy the I 5! I knew this was going to happen...
Itll be tall as the USA and the deficit! LOL 
Why buy a 5s?
It's more expensive than a samsung galaxy ll, you can't remove or replase sd card and screen is small.
I love my Samsung Galaxy Nexus with LTE and NFC. Hell, this phone is about a year old. Apple is waaaaaaay behind in technology. I wonder if Apple will allow Google maps in this iPhone 5s?
I like the size of apple products, I hate how I have to use two hands just to operate the samsung galaxy s.
Yearly? I sell phones for a living and it's more like every 6 months. Apple is especially bad with this. They run out of stock for the first 3-4 months and once they come in, there is another version coming out!
Just got my Galaxy Note 2 and I couldnt be anymore happier. Thank you Apple for letting me know I made the right decision. 
Fox on is unable to meet demand due to difficulty of building iPhone 5. Emergency redesign possible.
Ermahgerd, it's gonna be so different from the iPhone 5!  It's gonna have an S on it!  This is why the Android people wait longer to update, because they add new technology to it
Hahaha I bet iphone, 5s will be longer and bigger 
what are they going to do this time? give it another 15min of battery life and hail it as "innovative and revolutionary". They would make Billions. 
Hahaha! My god, my friend's gonna be so disappointed that she got the iPhone 5 now lmao
I just bought the same phone, it's great. The salesman also convinced me
about this phone.
I'm also happy about my decision especially in price difference......WOW!!!
Who cares!!! Life is too short to worry about phones...get a life people...hopefully one without dependence on Apple or Samsung.
But will it come whit New ear buds 
I love technology and I also stay in the loop

I hear the iPhone7s is the one where they fix the problems with iphone7
Not to hate, but remember when Microsoft stopped numbering their operating systems because everyone waited for x.1 because most of the bugs would be fixed from the x.0 release?  Kinda sounds like what Apple's doing...  
David M
Wtf, improve over the iPhone5? It's the perfect device already but whatever .... Stretch goals are good.
This is why I'm trying to break up with Apple. This, and that fact that I shattered the screen on my iphone4 twice in the last 11 months and am faced with getting a new one. I like Galaxy Note 2 and SIII
Judging by the number of infantile and obsessive anti-Apple comments, I'm more than ever convinced, that Android phones reduce the number of brain cells at a very fast rate. I pity +TechCrunch, who probably thought they will attract intelligent discussions on their Google+ page. What they got is what we can see here: garbage.
Back in 1986 I figured out Apple SUCKS. I never looked back. 
Will it be taller. Probably. They cant come up with any good additions. LIKE NFC. Commence evil laugh
+Alex Watts apple is to high nose i never liked  the way on apple  with itune and all programs selected by apple. same on the hardware side made all to be exclusive. to make some things good you no need to exclusive. 
Hope the 5s comes with a lot of new stuff not like 5 its a large 4s!
To roll out a new phone this early, particularly an iPhone, to me, really states how much they rushed out the previous version. Assuming its true of course
I like the new android phones, anyway Lets network, add me to your circle everyone!
I am thinking as big as the iPad mini?
It was also reported that the iPhone 5 would be released 5 months after the 4 because of antennagate... did that hold true? No.
Yes, same iPhone with a new name with a S? Easy, just reprint those boxes. Maybe just print the S stickers and stick on those iPhone 5 boxes quicker?
I guess those Samsung commercials we right.
wow! Apple has great business
Holly crap people. Buy a phone you like and stfu!
They're going to start pissing off their phone buyers with that kind of turn around. 
Err...will it be iphone mini or maybe apple maxi? Naaah...
Come on people(complainers) its really not that suprising to see another phone so soon. It's how you stay in business!
It will be the same as the iPhone 5 but with Google maps
its like adobe CS and Madden games lol
Figures, apple releases an item then quickly releases a superior twin. For example 3g-then 3gs,4g-then 4gs, even the iPod saw this marketing strategy....
Stupid people, Android is the future !!!
the thing is, once u buy one, a new one comes out right after.
samsung galaxy s3 is better than the iPhone 5
these guys know how to make money.But ,soon they will run out of ideas that will let them stay on  top.Thats when Samsung and Nokia will share the top
Ha! This made me laugh (with pity).
iPhone 5 S??? Think I'll hold out for iPhone 6 or maybe 6S...
How many Samsung phones came out this year?
yeah... i thought thats what they were gonna do... im so over the iphones.
Fine by me
New law for Apple
Skip a model or two and save a dime
Apple needs to gain some ground on the other companies!!!!
Since Samsung has up the processor price by 20%, Apple need to recover it I guess from the 5s.. 
Apple fail. Not the first, definitely not the last.
Hmmmm..... If apple were to release a new phone and ipad, i hope it will have there own chips, samsung and intel are alright (intel for macbook pros is decent) but apple could come up with something better in my oppinion. There goes the 20% increase from samsung out the door in a good way. Plus, who doesnt like new apple devices, its just like christmas everytime they release something (not to mention they update there older devices) and its always better i do think they should stick to a yearly release though. Anyway, i just like apple.......
Apple is gay just a money making company people that are weak and want the latest thing will get this no matter what the cost is
I see your iphone 5,5s, 6, 6s and raise you a Samsung galaxy note 2 :p
I went from a dash to a blackberry to a mytouch to the samsung galaxy II.. getting an iphone would be going backwards lol...Samsung is the best!! iphone users don't want to admit
Alright! Another tech rumor!!! Let's see if we can get the percentage of tech rumors that turn out to be true above the 50% mark.
every man after marriage
 and buy a phone,
he think if i wait i will get better ;-P
Inder D
I don't even want to see how ugly the next iphone will look like just garbage products one after the other 
Iphone 5 is a test product for Apple Maps, and 5S is a test product for their new proccie o_O.
Hak An
Why would people buy every year a new phone ?
+Nino Novak your pic has about 10 phones, with different carriers (hence model number) Iphone has one, but you get my drift.
Cellular providers had better shorten the contract length if this is going to be their "MO".
I didn't buy the iPhone. So who cares O.o
Wow, technology moves so fast, I'll cancel my iPhone5 order :)
5 is not properly lounch in india 5s I dont think it cmng anytime soon
Although I am an android convert I still think the build and user interface/experience is a hundred times better on the iphone5. Having to use itunes to access my device was the biggest turn-off and forced me to buy a Samsung Galaxy
Saying that I will still be buying a iphone5 
Let me make a guess. It will have the Sharp Full HD 1080p screen phablet size and apple will soon sue Samsung Galaxy Note for copying its idea of a 5 inch phablet
With Steve Jobs gone there is no one to stop the stupid ideas. Apple is doomed.
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