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They're trying to get back into the game, will this be enough???? 
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LuciO M
No. Years too late. It's over Johnny!
after reading article, my new opinion is "Meh"
I wonder when #RIM will acknowledge the defeat and stop...
Nothing is over! -John Rambo
A secret RIM job? I don't know if I should be intrigued or disturbed...
I am waiting on bb 10 and no longer impressed with the lack lustre, rest on laurels of iOS and the osX legacy desktop. 
Would you rather they just pretend that devolpers would devolp without incentives? At least they are being proactive. They waited too long to change, but they could still be a solid #3 or 4, depending on how WinPhone 8 goes. 
LOL. I didn't even click it the first time. I just noticed that the bottom deal makes it look like a cross between the PSVita and a Xbox360 remote. Maybe it's that portable Xbox Microsoft was babbling about some years ago? And if not, at least we know where the design plans went. ;-)
Blackberry have taken a wikipad, and made it crap.
Better late than never ... break it benjamin
Ill sell my iPhone 5 to own this device from launch.
Impressive movement may it really work on
Superman - "Too late Luther, too late!!!"
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