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Where do you think the iPad mini would fit in yours?
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It depends how absorbent it is.
I love's a kindle replacement....
If it was priced better, it would be my Kindle replacement. 
Oh so now +MG Siegler knows what Android users were experiencing months ago with their Nexus 7s then? Welcome to the <10" tablet party.
+David Pond part of what seems great about the Kindle e-reader (or the Nook) is that it lets you "unplug" and just focus on one thing: reading. The iPad mini doesn't have us sold...! 
Gotta say its lining my birdcage perfectly!
The only place an iPad mini might fit in my digital toolbelt is currently occupied by a Nexus 7 - and that is not going anywhere anytime soon.
With respect, Ian, where were all these people when the 1st gen 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab came out a couple of years ago?  Still going strong...
Geez, reading this article you'd think that there was never a <10" tablet before now. I think this is the most accurate iPad Mini review out there:
(And yet it's still "magical" and "revolutionary")
Still use mine, DeAno.  /Shrug.  Edit:  And, unlike the Nexus 7, it's got expandable storage (micro SD card), and works as a 'phone.
+Tyger Doyle: Fair enough, but on my N7 I have 32GB of memory; don't need expandable storage.  As for the phone bit, that's what VoIP is for.  Not to mention it's a Nexus device, so updates = yay.  And it's cheaper and more powerful.

It's all good though; different strokes and all that.  Glad you're enjoying it!
Not a huge Apple fan here, and an Android user since day 1 but the iPad Mini is actually more one handable than the Nexus 7.  It is slightly lighter I think - or at least it feels that way - and the extra width and flatter back makes it feel more secure in my hand.  However the N7 has a much nicer display, is $129 cheaper and of course Android is my preferred OS so it still wins.
PS. The one place the iPad wont fit but the N7 will is in your pocket.  N7 even in a case fits nicely in my jacket pocket or cargo pants.
The background if the iPad mini is so cool. 
Just like the author, I use my iPad3 as a replacement for a laptop and it's really no problem to do more than just fun stuff. I can write my blog articles and there are so many fantastic photo processing apps, it's just amazing. I would still want iPad mini for when I go out and just need something to read on the train for example. I wanna use it for the lighter things like social media and RSS reading. Apple is just incredible: They know how to make its users happy and excited, money is secondary. I always have to chuckle, when I see Android fans fighting over every buck they can save, before they buy something. What a sad life that must be.
Is it worth $130 more then the 16 GB Nexus 7 for $199?
+Bobby Rolph I know your question is rhetorical, nevertheless value of something is a very personal thing. For me it's worth, because I purchased a lot of stuff in iTunes and App Store, I don't wanna migrate to Android and start from zero.
Oh this article sounds interesting! Oh... It's by MG, Nevermind. 
I with TC flagged MG articles in the title so I didn't waste time clicking on them
Initially I struggled to support Apple's closed system and high margin approach, but their products are pretty amazing, not perfect, but awesome. Our house has shamefully more devices than I can count, but we all use them daily... 
Just got a new iPod touch and it is a perfect product. 
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