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Do you take breaks from socia media on the weekends? 
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facebook for friends and g+ for acquaintances ;)
How about on the weekends? More than usual?
More time on G+, simply because it is a user enhanced Google Reader, at this point :) Though, I miss the old features of Google Reader.
Note: not on Twitter or Facebook (don't have time to keep up with Twitter and abhor Facebook)  
I use Google+ more than Facebook right now, especially since most of my family uses Google+.
I think my feed is quieter during weekends actually...
I'd say that I spend about the same amount of time - everyday - online on all social media channels.

My work is "online" and specifically on those channels, so it's a 7-day a week thing for me I guess...But addicted yes. Unfortunately.
Not more than usual... In fact I don't use Facebook and Twitter at all 
Facebook. I only checked my G+ and twitter once in a while.
Maybe, but the time I spend is time when I'm usually drooling anyway, waiting for the caffeine to kick in.
I can tell this guy is no facebook addict... where's his smartphone??? hmmmm?
I think most people here aren't understanding the question.
do you mean are we living a life or online?
I spend the same amount of time on Twitter and G+ as I do during the week. However, I don't keep up with Facebook as much (and it's not even close). I'll be closing my Facebook account sometime next week. 
thank God i have self control ..i deleted my facebook and twitter a long time ago. i have G+ just because i already have gmail and it's nice to know what going on with the world without getting sucked into reading dumb updates like: i am boiling an egg, or, i'm about to take a shit
I use an app called "SelfControl" on the mac.  Helps me.
I'm addicted alllllllll week long...;)
I would say about the same time.
Niyas C
I use Google+ more than Facebook right now
I have more time on the weekends for G+, i have no interest in FB.
I do tend to social network more on the weekends since I usually don't have as much work. Well, I do on Saturday. On Sunday I try to make up for the work I avoided on Saturday.
Facebook who? What? G+ and Twitter.
Hey dipshits, the question was if you use these more on the weekend than over the week, not which one you use more.
G+, it is the best combination of Facebook and Twitter. I almost never check any on the weekend though, to many family activities.
More during the week. I only use G+ now, never used twitter and FB is noisy and clunky (the UI).
Someones told me I was before...but fuck it, who isn't?
I take my break during the week when I'm working. By the time I'm home I may take a quick look, but the weekends is when I'm watching and commenting on sports or actually have time to read some articles.
I know a few, way to wired.
Is the first step admitting you have a problem...LOL!
Its hell turning it off, must take a year
Now that you mention it...I guess not.
Yes, on certain weekends I take a break from social media...To much of anything can be hazardous.
weekend..whats a weekend..what day?
well at lest i droped Fakebook..which allow's me more time io and my chat  and my G+ and my....
I think others use the networks differently than I do. Not getting notifications every second, I just wait for my phone to ping me when something happens. Otherwise, I usually just read the stream for news like I do Twitter and check the trends.

Hangouts act as videocalls, Messenger is Post-SMS messaging, Instant Upload is like Photostream, and the stream has public posts to get the news and trends!
Generally I'm not on social media on the weekends... Oh crap, it's Sunday.
I'm off social media during weekdays! Weekends I'm on it.
I love G+ but I use it loads on weekends. But I could live without it. Weekends are good for going out with family. Inside though, I always have a Chrome window for Google+
My always has the app on as well.
I am a bit addicted but could live without. But we all have phrases for being addicted to things. This year its Google+
Last year YouTube
2010 was Kindle
And on and on and on.......
Why you should take breaks in the first place?, did you only do that the rest of the week?.
I use Google+ mostly on my tablet, but not 24/7 though it is always with me
Work on week days...socialize on weekends
I find facebook useless for me outbid works for o people that say now iam driving on the 405 , Iam checking in now at the airport , Iam in line at McDonald and so on .....
Facebook is on a permant hiatus with me
I spend a great deal of time online, not necessarily more at the weekend though. I'm not big on television so if I'm in I would rather spend my free time either on social sites like this or news sites like Flipboard or Stumbleupon, but if I have something better to do I wouldn't feel I couldn't cope without them.
I will get on one social network sometime during the day.. Sucks but true.. Now did take a break for a week and it was withdraws..
Weekends are about the only time i get on social media
What a stupid question. Obviously some people still don't get social.
Save the planet while you network! Meaningful Social Networking.
What is your definition of a weekend? Often global associations require flexibility with time zones. Social networking is part of rewiring our connectivity, very important to us webheads.
nope- no break in social media
Tell people use technology on the toilet these days that's pretty freaking awesome
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