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Are you included in the 40 million?
Microsoft just announced that it has sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses so far. This is the first update the company has given since it announced that it had sold 4 million upgrades over the first wee...
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Microsoft's figures and Retailers figures just don't seem to correlate. I, personally, think Windows 8 is a disgrace.
Sam Sun
Yes I'm included 
Nope.  I hate the way it looks.  The colors are horrid and the blocks... just "No!"
Yes, I seem to be among the mintority of people that actually enjoys windows 8 on a desktop, even without a touch screen.
yup... 3 licenses!  As an upgrade it did not brake any of my pre-existing software so I am happy! 
does that include licenses sold to vendors and which the system they are on are still sitting on the shelves at walmart?
I use it and I like it. I develop software for a living and I have learned something. People don't like change and it takes a long time for them to come around. They will come around. Microsoft is making strides in the right direction.
A big fat oops! I thought WP8....
Anyway, as for the desktop OS... Let's just say that I'm going to hold out and hold on to Windows 7 like those who are still on XP who are holding out! 
Got it pretty much right away...for a "normal" home PC user (i.e. I'm not working from home, not a software/game/web developer) I see absolutely no advantage.

It's a fine OS, but it's not a simple "we don't like change", the OS legitimately isn't optimized for, and has a lot of use drawbacks when it comes to simple use, for your average PC user.
Sorry but imho Windows 8 is no go for a desktop.  I know Apple and MS (finally) want to see the demise of desktops; but until the tablets or phones can do what a desktop does, throwing that crap metro in front of Windows and expecting anyone to take it seriously is laughable on a desktop and even a laptop.
yep, not using any metro apps though. The metro interface is basically just working as a prettier start menu on my machines
Upgraded 1 of the 4 computers in my household. While I don't find it bad, I don't really see a compelling reason to upgrade the others. That said, I will be happy to use it on the next computer we buy.
I have Win 8 but I don't even USE the metro interface. Start8 is included in my package with fences, and all the company's other appliations. I have the Windows 7ish interface 24/7.
I bought it mostly for the performance improvements.  I disabled that Metro garbage minutes after installing.  (Thanks, Classic Shell freeware.)
Not at all. I'm doing fine with my Ubuntu system.
* insert unnecessary bandwagon bashing of windows 8 for no reason HERE*
Come on, Justin! Gotta follow the Common courtesy rule of "support the developers!"
Not included. Happy with OSX and Linux Mint. I am waiting for the touch screen chromeOS train to pull into the station.
I was one of the free upgrade ones and I hate the dam thing should have never upgraded
+Tyler Vieira just not sold on it yet. Either i use Windows 8 and help them gain a community for free or go to linux for free. 

im usually 100% supportive of dev though, just gotten tired of windows and just need something to run my big rig PC (which i hardly even use anymore)
Are those retail licenses, or VLKs?  EDIT: If they are VLKs, they haven't sold anything really. They just happened to put their OS on a computer someone happened to buy.
I can bet my Ubuntu OS that I am not.
I am not I have completely converted to Apple. I love it by the way!
Had window 8 for almost a year now. Bought the final build the other day. I like it its easy and fast. I did go into internet explorer on the desktop and set it to always use it instead of being in my start menu launching the internet and getting the tablet version. After that I got my Google back bought a few apps that I like. Played some games set up my accounts and everything is smooth. Too bad my Google calender doesn't show up on W8
Got mine a few weeks ago. I have no problem with the metro ui. I haven't really verified it yet but it seems like win8 is using less system resources than win7 ultimate I was using before. It boots fast and I got additional speed boost on overall system performance compared to win7, which I didn't expect. Oh well personal experience may vary....
And 39 million of them are still sitting at the Best Buys, Staples, Office Depots, and Amazons of the world.
I use to have Microsoft, not anymore. I have Apple, and I'm happy I switched. I wasn't happy with the software, and often had problems with it.
nope. Linux. Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10.
40 million people screaming in pain. Any way to change a Windows 8 into a Windows 7 machine?
Included twice. I'm part of the minority that likes Windows 8.

ProTip: RDPing into Windows 8 from my Xoom is like having a laggy Windows RT tablet. So essentially, I get a Surface for free with each license. :)
Im included, hated it, installed Ubuntu. :-)
I took the leap, have it pretty much how I want it. Even have a few people at work switched over.
For the price, it is worth it. 
Windows 7 was beautiful, but Windows 8 is something else. It runs well, and quickly. There are a few things to be desired still, but nothing is perfect and I wouldn't switch back. 
I would highly recommend it. 
I switched.  To sum it up, it's Windows 7 with a new start menu, improved visuals, an app store, improved file and task management, and improved menu systems.  It's very simple to get use to.  Not a single issue to date.  I'm impressed but I do expect people to whine about learning new technology.  That's nothing new.
Nope. I will be someday, but not now. I don't need a new OS, I need a stable workstation for video editing. I have that with W7 64 bit. Might like a tablet at some point from them. Ipad crashes regularly for software reasons, not hardware. 
Not even in the back of my mind! Mac OS and Android. Win XP via parallels occasionally...when I have to 
I've got a copy through onthehub (student portal via college),I'm busy backing up my stuff to install it right now. I've been on the beta for a while.

I'll be running server 2012 on my desktop since I can get that through microsoft dreamspark.
Switched to Linux Mint with Cinnamon and couldn't be happier. I tried Windows 8 preview and found it unintuitive. Once you try Linux, it opens you up to a whole new world that you didn't know existed.
whats the difference?
+Mary S You used to have Microsoft!? And now you have Apple? Tim Cook and Steve Balmer would be very surprised to hear about this.

Or do you mean that you own their AAPL stock? It must be nice to have lost about 18% of the most expensive stock in your portfolio in about a month.
lol whats wrong with windows 8? o.O
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