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It’s a sad, sad day when companies start reviewing their own products. Today is a sad, sad day.
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Almost as sad as the Lumia 620 :D
as opposed to biased sites reviewing products.. 
Like I said, it's like the pot calling the kettle black. sad sad sad
Dumb and pointless article. And very biased.
I'm so glad +TechCrunch authors have nothing better to do than translate tech product reviews for us dolts who are too stupid to read critically. 
Its also a sad, sad day when investors give glowing reviews to the companies they have investments in.
They are trying to fail everyway possible. 
Posting a review for your own product is sad and pointless.

There are so many sources for product reviews now that anyone buying anything is going to read more than one review!

So if every other review criticises a product , then that one glowing review from the product manufacture isn't going to change anyone's mind.
review its own product is acceptable if its a budget model
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