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The law would “make it illegal to manufacture, own, transport, buy, or sell any firearm or magazine that is homemade and not detectable by metal detector and/or does not present an accurate image when put through an x-ray machine.”
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LOL. But the ATF allows the manufacture of a gun for personal use only still. 
Like it or not, millions of people will ignore legislation.
Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Printers, from drink to ink.
that's b/c the NRA has yanked out the teeth of the NRA through legislation
you still gotta take it from me by force - good luck !
Seriously?  Had to check to make sure this wasn't an onion article.  You absolutely can not "print" a full gun that will fire real bullets out the barrel.  If you truly believe that printing a full gun on a 3D printer you are easliy the most gullible person on the planet.  FUD
Another unenforceable law when it becomes one....
so he only printed some of the gun. the upper casing is metal a component that is off the shelf.  however, its only a matter of time before you can print a whole gun out of metal. Right now the personal know how to build a working 3D model of a gun, print it out, build it, and use it will be the biggest hurtle.

I bet the Gun industry will the ones to try and shut this down not anti gun people. As they are the ones that stand to lose the most. They should be looking at the music industry and prepping for the future.   

Even if you have to register your printed gun. why buy one at the store if you can print out one at home from a downloaded model?

3D printing is going to change the way we think about buying and selling things all together. 
Simple cannot wait to start manufacturing my own personal death machines. 
Nick B
Ahh yes, it's critically important to ban the Glock 7 documented in the famous documentary Die Hard, the Pinnacle of factual Gun Control Research.
They can print a full sized house. A gun will not be that difficult, nor would a magazine. As for getting the plans, the Internet will provide. Plenty of hobbyists out there will put up gorgeous plans.
Combine that with a simple homemade CNC machine and 'Ta-da!' Home manufactured gun with today's technology.
I would love to see them enforce this law, if it were to come into being. 
It's of materials rather than the process. Abs plastic parts with 30% strength of injected moulded parts combined with their toughness means substantial post processing. I would not even use the magazine. It's a toy.
+Albert McGhee there are other plastics. Besides that, there are other materials that the printers could use. For some reason everyone thinks only plastic can be used. 
Well since no one has even suggested to take away guns you are probably safe EP. 
Nope. Just because you want the government to take your guns doesn't mean it's going to happen. 
+Sean Funk I would say monetarily the industry has the most to lose in this case. With 3d printing, most manufacturing companies will lose a lot, especially as the technology gets better and more efficient. 
If you compare consumers of guns vs the gun manufactures the manufactures stand to lose more than the consumer. Not sure why that's are to grasp.
Nick B
This is like saying "The restaurant industry has the most to lose if the US Population goes freegan."
No it's not nick. It's 100% not like that. As 3D printing is not a by product and its not of lower quality. Plus is much cheaper and on demand. 
Nick B
Today's 3d printed gun isn't even a gun.  Maybe in 10-50 years it will be of high quality, but it's not today, and short of sintered metal I don't even see the path.
From what I hear we are much closer than 10 to 50 years. They are talking about printers able to print clothes with low cost printers in 5 years. They already print with titanium to make hips are other prosthetics. They are working on printing organs as they can already print skin.
Even at 10 years out its still in our life time and its going to be a huge game changer. 
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