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I was starting to get worried. They announced it late this year.
Dan C
... in exchange for your privacy ;-) want to pay this price ?
Dan, if you have a google+ account, a google email address, and so on, I'm afraid to tell you you've paid the price already.
It's not like it's costing them anything. If you're on the mail client. More likely to send an email than call, although still am awesome feature to have. I've used several of times to save my ass
I use an Obi100 connected to my router and setup to use Google Voice. Plug in a regular phone and free calls here I come! Don't even need computer turned on.
The quality of calls is shocking in Canada (at least for me). So much so that I use Skype out instead.
Why not on India?We need it so badly
Until gmail voice gets popular I believe it will be. This is their competition with Skype (Which as most people know is owned by Microsoft) and its not a bad service either. Another year of free calls for me!
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